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5 Tips to Achieve a Longer Lasting Shave

Want legs for days?
5 Tips to Achieve a Longer Lasting Shave
Want legs for days?

We all hate shaving—no doubt about that—but sometimes it's a must. Fortunately, you can now say goodbye to those pesky baby hair that sprout almost instantaneously with these five super easy tips for a longer lasting shave!

1. Exfoliate!

Grab a salt scrub and exfoliate by scrubbing from your ankles up in circular motions. Remember, it's always a good idea to exfoliate your skin before shaving as this removes any dead skin cells that might have caused little hairs to get trapped inside. By freeing these little hairs, you can get a closer, more accurate shave.

2. Shower then shave.

The heat and humidity built up from taking a shower will help soften the hair on your legs, thus making it easier to shave.

3. Make sure your blades are sharp!

This is pretty much common sense. Dull blades won't get rid of stubble and baby hair as well as sharper blades. When a blade starts to drag instead of glide, take that as a sign to get a new one.


4. Shave upwards.

Start shaving from your ankles and go upwards against the common hair growth as it will give you a closer, cleaner shave.

5. Add oil if you must.

Body oils (like coconut oil, macadamia oil, or olive oil) have a twofold advantage to shaving. First, it keeps skin moisturized and smooth; and second, it helps soften hairs making them easier to shave off! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

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