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5 Things That Aren't For Sharing With Your Beau

Hers is hers, his is his.
5 Things That Aren't For Sharing With Your Beau

Wearing your boyfriend’s shirt might seem like a cool fashion statement given the whole “borrowed from the boys” trend. And yes, splitting a dessert actually also seems like the sweetest thing to do during a dinner date. But to tell you frankly, while it’s cute for a couple to have conjugal properties, there are just some things that you should never ever share with your beau. Sure, you may have a lot in common when it comes to your interests and hobbies, but where personal preferences and needs are concerned, there’s always a thin line that separates the essentials of men from women.

Below are some examples:

You may think it’s sweet and a milestone in your relationship, but sharing towels is totally unhygienic! It can transmit fungal infections and acne-causing bacteria, so you shouldn’t want anyone else’s towel touching your skin for obvious sanitary reasons—not even your boyfriend’s.

You may like fruity and floral scents, and sure, your boyfriend probably loves that smell on you, too. But for himself, now that’s a different story. Men in general prefer a bottle of perfume depicting masculine notes—perhaps something musky, woody, or citrusy, but definitely nothing like the sweet vanilla fragrance that you spritz on yourself every day. (And let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want that strong, manly scent lingering on your clothes either, would you?)

When it comes to hair and scalp care, men and women each have different needs. His scalp is up to two times oilier, making it prone to dandruff and hairfall. All the more if your boyfriend has an active lifestyle, only a power-packed bottle like Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo can serve his hair needs best! Infused with caffeine, it makes hair up to five times stronger plus less hair fall (so you bet he has more chances of being less bald when you grow old.) Plus, it’s also guaranteed to clean and moisturize his dry hair and scalp like no other shampoo can do. (Yup, not even yours!)

Men and women use razor for completely different purposes and, well, areas. That said, are you really willing to use the same razor he used on his beard to shave your legs (and your sensitive area down there)? Do yourself a favor and just get your own!

Remember that book Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus? Yes, men and women speak different love languages and come from distant planets. They say most men feel loved with physical touch and affirmation, while a majority of women long for quality time and gifts. But whatever your love language is, what's important is that you understand your partner's different needs and work to nurture a healthy relationship. 

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