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5 Things That Are Keeping You from Your #FitnessGoals

Get rid of these bad habits, stat!
5 Things That Are Keeping You from Your #FitnessGoals

Have you been working out tirelessly but still feel dismayed because you don’t see the fruits of your labor? Have you been eating less but notice that you’re still packing the pounds? Then you’re probably doing something wrong—skipping the “small stuff,” to be exact. Sometimes, it’s the most obvious problems (read: “bad habits”) that essentially hinder you from reaching your #fitnessgoals. Find out if you’re guilty by checking out the list below:


1. You don't drink enough water.

Drinking a total of eight glasses of water a day seems like an easy task, but you’ll be surprised to know that quite a number of people find it hard to accomplish. Good old H20 is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to be fit and healthy. So we suggest you get an app if need be (try Plant Nanny). Drinking water not only maintains the balance of your body fluids, makes you feel full faster when eating, and energizes your muscles, but it also does wonders for your skin!

2. You lack sleep.

When you don’t get ample amount of zzzs, your body releases more stress hormones urging you to either reach for a sugar-filled cup of coffee or worse, midnight snacks. It also causes your metabolism to slow down. Simply put, sleep deprivation can sabotage your waistline without you even noticing. Next time you’re caught in a dilemma between a late night rager or some beauty sleep, you know what to pick.

3. You’re stuck in a workout rut.

When you begin finding more and more reasons to skip the gym, when you feel tired instead of energized after a workout, and when the activity you once looked forward to starts feeling like a routine, you’re probably stuck in a workout rut. At some point, your body reaches a plateau therefore not allowing you to torch the same amount of calories as when you started. This is your cue to start shaking things up with new activities to surprise your body.

4. Cheat is every day. 

A post-workout reward shouldn’t consist of a double-down burger, a large soda, and a couple of sweets. We’re not telling you to starve yourself, but making better choices, no matter how small, can make a big difference. Incorporate more fruits and veggies to your diet. Then slowly start opting for water over soda, and grilled over fried food. After all, true fitness is 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise.

5. You skip meals.

Being hardworking is not an excuse to rush off the house each morning and skip breaking the fast. We’ve said it time and again, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because not only does it jumpstart your metabolism, it also gives you the energy you need to last through nine to five. Fuel up no matter how in a hurry you are with a bottle of the Quaker Good Start Oat Dairy Drink in Banana Creme or Vanilla Malt. Perfect for those always on-the-go, this calcium and fiber-filled drink is something you can take even when you’re stuck in traffic.

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