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5 Things Ayn Bernos Learned After Launching Her Brand Kayu Beauty

Because owning makeup brand requires you to be more hands on with your business.
5 Things Ayn Bernos Learned After Launching Her Brand Kayu Beauty
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Because owning makeup brand requires you to be more hands on with your business.

In March of this year, beauty afficionados—especially in the Tiktok community—were ecstatic when they found out that their favorite content creators, Ayn Bernos, Rica Salomon, Kai Javier, Landamme Vivas, and JR Rodriguez teamed up to launch a local makeup brand. Called Kayu Beauty, the brand was created with morena girls in mind. Ayn and her business partners wanted them to feel confident with each shade they try on.

The five beauty content creators created Kayumanggi Club Facebook group to figure out the beauty product that's missing from morena girls' beauty kits. Fast forward to their launch, Kayu Beauty introduced their first morena-friendly lipstick line.

With their passion and dedication into their makeup brand, Kayu Beauty was off to a great start. It’s been six months since their release, and morena girls have been clamoring for new Kayu products. In Ayn’s TikTok video, she addressed a common question she gets, “May Kayu Beauty pa po ba?” 


Finally, we have answers. 

But while Kayu Beauty still lives on, they aren't exactly launching a new product or fresh shades just yet. Instead, Ayn shares nuggets of wisdom they learned after putting up their makeup brand. Read on!

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5 Thing Ayn Bernos Learned After Launching Kayu Beauty

1. Don’t just think about one product launch.

A reason why Kayu Beauty hasn’t launched a new product yet is because they solely focused on their Kayu Kiss lipsticks. “When you launch your brand, you need to be thinking about all the other launches following that. Because what happened with us is nag-launch kami ng product and then, that’s when we were thinking about everything that came next. Kasi it took us a long time to launch the first product that all of our energy was poured into that,” said Ayn. Following this, Ayn shares that now they have a longer foresight when it comes to their product launches as they plan for their brand to be around for a long time, too.

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2. Always double check everything with your manufacturer.

According to Ayn, there were problems with their packaging which can be difficult to handle once everything is all done.  She suggests to “Double check everything especially when working with your manufacturer." She adds that "it was a lesson na lahat ng bagay na papagawa ay kailangan na-double, tripled checked na."

3. Plan a timeline based on how your customers react.

The team admitted that they weren’t able to take into consideration which shade would be a best-seller. “Because it was our first batch, we didn’t have the foresight of which one is the best-selling shade. Hindi namin alam na Luv u a Latte would outperform every single shade,” Ayn exclaimed. The shade was selling like hotcakes and producing it to keep up with its demand took a long time.

4. Use every possible means to promote your products.

Ayn admits feeling hurt when they heard from other people that "their main selling point is the owners." So, she tried to distance herself from the brand and avoided being its face. She later realized that this shouldn’t be a bad thing! She adds, “I should have been banking on that hard work na ginawa ko as a content creator. At the end of the day it’s your business and if it fails because you didn't maximize your resources, that's on you. So now I'm trying to be more vocal about Kayu Beauty—with our processes, development, and what we are doing so that in the future never na kayo magtatanong if may Kayu Beauty pa ba. Because yes, meron and we are in it for the long haul."

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5. Be very hands on with your business.

ICYDK, Ayn also has a clothing brand called Morena the Label. So, she thought it's the same process as in handling a makeup business. But, Ayn learned that “Kayu Beauty was completely different entity and it required more of my attention than I thought I needed to give. So ayun, now I am going to focus on this and hopefully we can see it grow and release more stuff for you guys and serve the kayumanggi community more.” 


We can’t wait for what’s to come with Kayu Beauty! The morena girls are lucky to have you!

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