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5 Teeth Whitening Rules To Live By

Because a woman's smile is her best asset.
5 Teeth Whitening Rules To Live By Because a woman's smile is her best asset.

Not all girls may agree on makeup, clothing, or hairstyle preferences, but when it comes to our teeth, we’re a hundred percent sure that we all want the same thing: a pearly white lineup that can turn heads in a flash. Hey, even the Grinch with all his Christmas bitterness has a pretty white rack when he flashes his evil grin.

They say the best asset a woman can have is her smile, and today we give you the five teeth whitening commandments you should follow by heart if you want a smile like...


or Miranda Kerr's.


Since the day those chiclets started showing, we've been taught to brush them at least thrice a day. Thing is, when school and work come into play, the number for most gets cut down into just twice (one in the morning and one in the evening). If you don't want people to know what you ate for lunch or you simply want to be extra virtuous, then don't be shy and more importantly don't be lazy to brush mid-day. Another common error that people make when brushing is that we often do it left to right instead of an up-down motion. Brushing the wrong way actually strips off enamel that yellows teeth over time. Now you know ladies, up-down. okay? 


Different toothpaste brands and variations all cater to a specific need. If it's whitening that you want, then go use one that specializes in exactly that. We suggest you try Colgate's Optic White toothpaste which promises one shade whiter teeth after just one week. Follow-up with the matching mouth wash to make sure you rinse all the bacteria away. 


When you find that one dentist you feel comfortable with, stick to him/her.  Do whatever it takes to build a long lasting relationship (which means visiting the clinic at least once every two to three months) because even if you can't afford those laser whitening treatments and such, they can always give you the best alternatives and make sure you don't only have pearly whites, but healthy gums as well. Don't forget, oral prophylaxis or simply dental cleaning should be done at least twice a year. 


So stop fluttering those beautiful eyes to try to get yourself out off a dentist appointment because it's not cute. You're only cheating yourself by doing that. 


Protect your teeth the same way you would protect a plain white tee. Whatever can stain your precious white shirt can do the same effect on your food crusher. Tomato sauce, soy sauce, chocolates, and yes, those cheeses can all cast a staining and irritating stain, but we're not saying you stay away from them completely. 

A cup of espresso for example has a lesser evil in the form of a white mocha. Smoking and drinking alcohol are also major culprits in teeth discoloration. But when all else fails and you really want to drink soda, red wine, or eat spaghetti, then wash it down with water. Yup, that hydrating liquid that offers multiple benefits will temporarily clean your teeth while you wait to get your hands on your oral hygiene kit. When you know you're about to get a mouthful at a party, just be sure to brush as soon as you can. 


No, we are not talking about papaya or glutathione, we are pertaining more to the teeth whitening benefits of a strawberry, baking soda, salt, apples, and the likes. Check out our list in here

Follow these rules and you won't need a makeover to flash a confident and pretty smile, ever.