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5 Shampoos For Hair Detox

Because your hair needs to reboot, too.
5 Shampoos For Hair Detox Because your hair needs to reboot, too.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house; it applies to your scalp, too. Even if you shampoo your hair daily, oil, dirt, and product build-up are inevitable. Your everyday hair sudser is designed to gently clean your hair, so you need a mightier hair superhero to knock out layers of gunk. Say hello to the clarifying shampoo, your savior that will resurrect your tresses to a clean slate. Similar to face exfoliation, washing hair with clarifying shampoo is advised to be done on a weekly basis to reboot its state. Ignoring this crucial step blocks your hair and hair products' full potential: the residue on your scalp will prevent your hair from absorbing the hair product's goodness. You’ll also find these hair purifiers handy when your locks tend to be greasy and dull.

You may be tempted to use them more than once a week because of the addictive squeaky clean feel you get from these products, but just like everything else, this should be done moderately. Clarifying shampoos have higher surfactant content (the cleansing agent used to lift the grime on your scalp) and getting trigger-happy with them will strip off your crowning glory with natural oils—resulting to dry, frizzy hair. Women with dyed crops must also be wary of overdoing it—you wouldn’t want to have faded strands, right?

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