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5 Secrets For Effective Beauty Sleep

For refreshing morning afters.
5 Secrets For Effective Beauty Sleep

If you’re young, busy, and working in the city, chances are, you like to talk (brag) about how much sleep you’re not getting over weekday drinks (that will probably mean even less sleep – ah, to have a bustling life). But come weekend, isn’t it so great to wake up rested and fresh? Or if you’ve had three consecutive nights of coming home early and your skin starts looking better? Well, it’s because of – surprise! – good sleep. And if ever one night you decide to start tucking in early, let us count the ways you can make the most out of your beauty sleep.

1. Gadgets do not make good bedfellows.

You’ve heard all about it right? The little blue and white lights on your phone will keep you awake. You can turn on night mode and surf on an orange screen all you want but it isn’t only going to keep you up, it'll wear your eyes out (reading a whole novel on a phone overnight = puffy eyes). Set your alarm before you tuck in and snuggle instead with an SO (or even a pet) – this one will relax you more.

2. A beauty routine.


Trust us on this one – sitting down and paying attention to your skin is a sort of me-time ritual. Start with the thinnest formula to the thickest, and the most concentrated to the least. Go straight for the under eyes where sleep (or lack thereof) shows with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream (P4150) – applying it directly on under eye skin without anything else first makes it act as first responder for rest-deprived skin. While the rest of your face’s real estate is still open for concentrated solutions, pat on Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum (P4100) and let it sink in. Seal in hydration with Estée Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Plus Moisturizer (P6240) – then wake up the next day feeling and looking great.

 3. Feed your mind.

If surfing or reading online is your way to wind down, try the good ol’ novel. Keep turning til you fall asleep but skip the murder mysteries, though.

 4. Better sheets.

No surprise here! It’s the reason why hotel blankets are just so comfy and so nice to sink into. Try recreating that by investing in good blankets and sheets.

 5. A long luxurious warm bath.

This one’s an easy one, too, warm showers or baths are guaranteed to calm you down. Plus, it’s more comfortable to get into bed all scrubbed and clean.

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