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5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out This New K-Beauty Brand

It's perfect for sensitive-skinned girls.
5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out This New K-Beauty Brand
It's perfect for sensitive-skinned girls.

While we’re all well into the K-beauty craze, there are still plenty of women out there who may be feeling a bit left out. In terms of makeup, the colors can get unflattering for morenas, and for newbies, just the sheer volume of products available out on the market can be overwhelming.

But real talk, for the ones with skin so sensitive it breaks out in rashes at the tiniest drop of a new ingredient, it’s hard to weed out what will actually worka shame because Korean skincare does wonders. Enter: Pyunkang Yul. If the name is unfamiliar, it’s because amongst all the cutesy and creative branding and packaging available on the entire stretch of Myeongdong, this one is a bit different. Here’s why: 


IMAGE Pyungkang Yul

PYUNGKANG YUL Moisture Serum, P1250; Essence Toner, P925, K-Beauty Cafe

1. Pyunkang Yul is a cosmoceutical brand.

The brand was developed by Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea, a traditional and herbal medicine clinic (or hanbang). Their goal is to provide effective but gentle products that contain no fillers. 

2. The super chic packaging

PY’s cobalt apothecary packaging is a breath of fresh, minimalist air amongst all the girly and sparkly K-beauty branding. And it’s not only pretty, it’s also weighty so it feels lowkey luxurious. Plus, the droppers and dispensers distribute just the right amount of product so that’s form and function for you.

3. It’s all about balance. 

Rather than target, say, hormonal acne, or oiliness, they are laser-focused on their one philosophy: curing the root of the problem rather than just several symptoms. That said, all their products are targeted towards one goal: balance. So whether you’re dry skinned or pimple-prone, their Moisture Serum will benefit you because balance equals healthy, behaved skin. 

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4. No alcohol, but also no water

As mentioned, they avoid fillers. That's why you won't find alcohol in their products, it's the number one irritant. But did you know that the number one filler/base of most products is water? (One way to check this is how far along the list aqua isif it’s the first, then they used water for most of the product) But for Pyunkang Yul, their products do not have watereven their essence toner is 91.3% made up of astralagus root, a plant largely used in traditional Korean medicine. 

5. No Hyaluronic Acid

I know, how is this a pro and not a con? Surprisingly enough, there’s a big chunk of people out there whose skin reacts unpleasantly towards skin care’s supposed holy grail, hyaluronic acid. Without it though, their toner is still incredibly hydrating, and no matter how tired or dehydrated the skin is, it doesn’t make it sting or flare up redness. 

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