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5 Reasons Why FKA Twigs is Our New #Fitspiration

Take a look at her glorious abs, why don’t you?
5 Reasons Why FKA Twigs is Our New #Fitspiration

If we are to enumerate our celebrity #fitspirations, then FKA Twigs will no doubt be on top of that list! The 29-year-old singer-songwriter, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, never fails to impress us with her forever summer-ready bod and swoon-worthy dance moves. And tbh, we’re totally not surprised that Robert Pattinson is head over heels for this talented gal—in fact, we’ve rounded up some of the reasons why she’s hands down our ultimate inspo in the fitness department:

1. She has great abs.

This singer’s got rock solid abs that she can flaunt whenever and however she wants. But instead of going green with envy, we suggest you make her your inspiration while you’re hitting the gym and doing some crunches—after all, summer’s just around the corner.

2. She’s got the moves!

Have you ever seen her dance? Because if you have, then you’d know what we’re talking about and why this reason deserves a spot on the list. FKA Twigs has a contorting figure that she can easily twist or bend out of shape as she desires, and that’s not something she has managed to achieve overnight. 

3. She eats healthy.

Did you know she was even able to influence her boyfriend Rob to go on a healthy diet, too? Healthy eating habits go hand in hand with an ideal fitness routine. Even if you spend multiple hours at the gym working out, it will be put into waste if every day is your “cheat day.”

4. She has discipline.

FKA Twigs is FKA Twigs for a good reason: She has the right attitude when it comes to fitness, she has a systematic approach to working out, and she follows it accordingly combined with the correct discipline.

5. She's armed with the right gear when working out.

You probably don’t hear this as often as you should, but your workout gear matters almost as much as the workout itself. To optimize your performance, you’d want to be armed with the right apparel that will aid you in achieving your fitness goals. Take your cue from FKA Twigs who’s always spotted wearing Nike’s Zonal Strength Tights. It not only provides enhanced support and muscle awareness in the core, glutes, quads and hamstrings, it also features a high-rise waistband for additional core awareness and flat seams for zero distractions. This is exactly the pair of tights you need for an efficient workout!

Frankly, we’re not surprised that Nike signed up the singer as their latest celebrity ambassador—she’s truly the very definition of #fitnessgoals! She even creative-directed the entire campaign herself. See for yourself! 

The Nike Zonal Strength Tights / Lunarepic Low 2 is available Nike Park Fort, Nike Greenbelt and U.P. Town Center. 


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