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5 Reasons to Invest in Designer Fragrance

It'll last way longer on you.
5 Reasons to Invest in Designer Fragrance

On days when you feel like splurging, remind yourself of two things: 1. You are worth it, and 2. You aren’t just spending, you’re investing. So when you do treat yourself, make sure you always choose quality—this goes for clothes, accessories, and even scents. Below, five reasons why investing in a designer fragrance is actually worth it. 

1. They last much longer.

And not just on your skin. If you store the bottle away from sunlight and high temperatures, your designer scent will smell just as sweet or musky as the day you bought it. A sophisticated scent is more likely to age better than its watered-down dupes.

2. The scents are complex.

Fragrances are all about formulation, and the ingredients that go into designer ones are usually rare, high-quality essential oils. The perfumer carefully combines these ingredients to create the perfect, complex scent. Every top note, heart note, and base note is carefully planned to produce something unique.

3. They can double as a dresser-topper.

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than a well-designed flacon. The bottle is usually designed to fit the theme of the perfume, and this means a piece of glass art is carrying your signature scent. After spritzing your scent on, set the bottle on your vanity to add a touch of luxe to it.

4. It smells good at the end of the day.

A fragrance has many layers—what you smell at first spritz, what it smells like midday, and most importantly, what it smells like at the end of the day. The best scents are the ones that smell the best at drydown.

5. It’s unique.

While a lot of people are wearing the same designer scent, the composition of the fragrance reacts differently to each body chemistry, making a scent become unique to you. Did you know that the part of the brain that processes scents sits close to memory? Having a signature fragrance will make it easier for people to instantly remember you.

Try looking for your signature scent in Lanvin’s Éclat familyÉclat d’Arpège is a modern creation on the theme of love. It’s a fruity-woody floral scent that’s creamy, delicate, and almost always sends compliments your way. Éclat de Nuit, Arpège’s floral-fruity cousin, is a more sensual and fun fragrance that takes you from day to night on a warm, woody, vanilla wave. Meanwhile, Éclat de Fleurs is great for floral fans—light and fizzy, but bright and feminine, too.

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