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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Gluten-Free

It's more than just a fad diet.
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Gluten-Free
It's more than just a fad diet.

Gluten, plain and simple, is a protein found in wheat that helps it rise and retain its shape. Most variants of bread and pasta have it (yes, even whole grain ones!), so it's not necessarily the easiest thing to avoid. Despite that, there are people who live their lives without it. Some tend to avoid it for health reasons, while many simply go gluten-free for its supposed weight loss benefits.

While many may call it a fad diet, no one can deny the fact that it's worked wonders for many people. If there's even a slight chance that you'd also consider going gluten-free, then this article is definitely for you! Keep reading and find out why this might actually be a good idea.

1. If you have celiac disease.

Celiac disease is basically gluten intolerance, and those who suffer from this disease experience an immune system response that damages the villi, a part of the small intestine. This is worth noting because the villi helps us absorb the nutrients from our food, and without it, we will be extremely malnourished. If you experience symptoms like frequent stomach pains and becoming gassy after eating anything with gluten, do consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis.


2. It'll force you to eat healthier.

Most naturally gluten-free food are healthy, and if you go gluten-free, you'll gravitate towards them more. Fruits and vegetables are perhaps the best examples, although gluten-free versions of pasta and bread exist, too. Of course, don't think we're saying that all gluten-free alternatives are healthy, since that's a common misconception about the diet. Gluten-free or not, you should always check the food label for cholesterol, high sodium, and processed sugar.

3. Your digestion will improve.

This doesn't only apply if you have celiac disease, because those without it can experience similar symptoms as well. Decreasing your gluten intake may help with bloating and upset stomachs. But again, double check if it is in fact the protein that's causing you trouble before you fully commit to the diet.

4. It may help cure your eczema.

That, or it can at least lessen the symptoms. Studies have shown that eczema and celiac disease may be related, and a gluten-free diet has already helped some celiacs improve their eczema. Try getting tested for celiac disease or go gluten-free for a while and see if this will work on you. You never know!

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5. It'll train you to read food labels carefully.

Another benefit to being on a strict diet is that it makes you more critical about your choice of meals. Sure, a gluten-free diet may be a giant hassle, but it will somehow force you to read ingredients lists before adding anything to your grocery cart. This habit will eventually help you become more wary of what's in your food, which can lead to healthier eating.

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