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5 Preview Girls Share Their Hair Love Stories on Instagram

It's time you share yours, too!
5 Preview Girls Share Their Hair Love Stories on Instagram

In a perfect world, every day is a good hair day. Our locks would always be cooperative and frizz-free, with every strand in place. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case: Our tresses don't always cooperate, especially when we really need everything to be perfect. It's the kind of love-hate relationship we didn't sign up for, but still found ourselves in.

In our pursuit of a gorgeous ‘do, we might be forgetting that keeping our tresses healthy should be our top priority.These five ladies, however, have found the secret to loving their locks, and have shared their love on social media. Take your cue from them and learn when you should be giving your hair extra TLC:

If you’re fond of changing your hairstyle to express your individuality:

If you have a bleached ‘do that's extra prone to hair damage given all the chemicals needed to attain the perfect blonde hue:

If you love trying out the latest hair color trends:

If you blow-dry and curl your hair every day:

If you’re always doing outdoorsy activities:

Whether straight or curly, blonde or black, short or long, your hair will only look its best when it’s in top shape. Use Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner daily to strengthen your tresses, letting your hairstyle really shine.

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