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This 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial Is Perfect for Morenas Who Don't Wear Too Much Makeup

Look fresh in a jiffy!
This 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial Is Perfect for Morenas Who Don't Wear Too Much Makeup
IMAGE Youtube/Hung Vanngo
Look fresh in a jiffy!

If you're a makeup minimalist who wants to step up your game, we found a tutorial that will help you do exactly that. It'll teach you all the basics of a fresh, everyday face, and it can even help you do your makeup faster in the morning! What's more, it features techniques by celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, who some of you may know as Selena Gomez's MUA!

Keep scrolling to see some of the key tips from the tutorial!

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PHOTO BY Youtube/Hung Vanngo

1. Always prep your skin before putting on makeup.

You won't feel the need to wear a ton of makeup when your skin is already glowing! In the tutorial, Hung applied eye serum, vitamin C serum, face oil, and some lip balm on the model before anything else. You can change these to any of the products in your routine (even just moisturizer will do!) as long as it helps you achieve well-hydrated skin.

2. Skip the foundation and just use concealer.

If you're not used to wearing a full face of makeup, applying concealer on specific problem areas can help you achieve a more natural look and save you a ton of time. Concealing under your eyes, on the sides of your nose, and on top of blemishes could make such a difference when it comes to evening out your skin tone!

3. Bronzing instead of contouring.

Contouring can be intimidating for non-makeup wearers because of the precision it requires. Luckily, you can achieve a similar effect with a bronzer! Hung applies bronzer with a big fluffy brush, and sweeps it over the outer perimeters of the face (forehead, jawline, below cheekbones) to softly define the model's features. This way, you don't have to worry about blending out any harsh lines. It'll help enhance your skin's golden tones, too!

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4. Bring your skin to life with blush.

Some blush on your cheeks will instantly add color to your face while still looking effortless. A cream or liquid blush is great for beginners because you can just use your fingers to blend them out! A good rule of thumb is to start applying from the apple of your cheeks (the meatiest part when you smile) and then blend it diagonally towards your temples.

5. Define your lashline instead of doing a full eye look.

Eyeshadow is fun, but when you're in a rush and don't want anything too complicated, eyeliner is enough. Smudging a dark brown pencil on your lashline, for example, is the quickest fix for a more defined eye. You can even create a soft wing if you want to!

For more tips, watch Hung Vanngo's full tutorial below:

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