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5 Menstrual Hygiene Mistakes You Could Be Making When You're On Your Period

Your intimate area needs more protection during your red days.
5 Menstrual Hygiene Mistakes You Could Be Making When You're On Your Period

FYI, women are more susceptible to infections and bacteria build-up down there during red days. This is because our cervix has to open to make way for our menstrual blood, becoming a path for bacteria to pass through our bodies. If we’re not careful, the worst-case scenario is acquiring reproductive or urinary tract infections.

Since you're still powering through your period like the boss you are, you might still be making honest lapses on your end in terms of your menstrual hygiene as you stay on top of your career and passions. Remember: Making sure you maintain proper menstrual health and hygiene means you'll be able to reach your full potential in your different pursuits, whether in school, your job, or your hobbies. 

We listed some of the most possible mistakes you could be making below, as well as the things you should be doing instead!

1. Not changing your pad or tampon often enough

You’re definitely changing pads a lot when you’ve got a heavy blood flow. However, it might not be the case on lighter days, especially if you're busy with work or school. But remember: As long as you have your period, make sure to change your pads or tampons as often as needed because they can become a breeding ground for bacteria when they become too damp. It is recommended to change your pads every four to five hours, while tampons should not be worn for over eight hours to avoid the chances of acquiring infections

2. Wearing non-breathable underwear.

Non-breathable panties can look cute, but they could also retain moisture in your feminine area, making you feel uncomfortable and possibly causing bacteria buildup. Stay cool and dry during the day and also help prevent bacterial infections by wearing lightweight underwear, like cotton panties or underwear with a cotton crotch.

3. Not tracking your period

Your menstrual cycle can tell you things about your overall health. Conditioners like polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even some cancers have irregular periods in their symptoms list. Make sure to track how often you have your period and how heavy your flow is. And of course, if something's not right, make sure to consult your gynecologist!

4. Not using a feminine wash made suitable for red days

Our feminine area has different needs when we’re on our period. So while it’s good that you’re using a feminine wash regularly, it’s important to switch to a feminine wash that will offer you more protection during your red days. That's because, during your period, bacteria regeneration is heightened due to factors like moisture and friction from wearing sanitary pads. This makes you more vulnerable to itch, odor, irritation. That’s why it’s important to use a specially formulated feminine wash that can help fight harmful bacteria which can lead to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. 

Case in point: Something like the GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash. This feminine wash is specially formulated with chlorhexidine digluconate, which has bacteria-killing action. When you add this feminine wash to your routine, you'll be able to conquer your red days without any distractions! Use it twice a day—in the morning and in the evening.

5. Falling for gimmicky feminine hygiene products

Having a hard time deciding which feminine hygiene product would suit your needs best? That's perfectly normal—some women are worried about falling for a product that might do their intimate area more harm than good. When it comes to menstrual hygiene, choose a trusted pH-balanced feminine wash that you can rely on to help address bacteria causing odor, itch, and irritation, like the GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash

If menstrual health and hygiene are the last things in your mind during your period, remember that they are tools to help you power through your period as best as you can! Knowing the right way to help yourself during your period will definitely empower you to conquer your red days and the threats that come with them. 

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