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5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Five Years Younger

Turn back the hands of time.
5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Five Years Younger Turn back the hands of time.

It’s a known fact that stress can make you look older. But while it’s easy to blame those darn dark circles and cloudy complexion on overtime work, have you ever considered that maybe it’s the way you do your makeup that’s adding the extra digits to your age? Here we show you 5 easy tricks that can turn back the hands of time sans plastic surgery.

Tip 1: Add light to your face.

Luminosity and dewiness indicate youth. Aside from being religious with your skincare regimen, one easy trick to bring back the glow in your skin would be by applying cream highlighter just on the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, chin, the top of the cheekbones, and on your brow bone.

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Tip 2: Soften the brows.

Nothing looks more matronly than a pair of skinny, overly arched and defined brows. Soften your arch by filling it in with a pencil that’s slightly lighter than your hair color to create a straighter pair of lush arches.


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Tip 3: Opt for cream blushes.

Cream blushes blend in better and settle into the skin sans the cakey look. It gives you a more natural flush and adds to the dewiness of your skin.

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Tip 4: Stay away from sparkle.

Glitter and sparkle have a tendency to emphasize fine lines. Your best bet would be to opt for products with a satin or dewy finish minus the frosted effect.

Tip 5: Get into the gloss.

As fun as matte lips are, nothing beats the power of gloss to really give your pucker that soft and supple look. Just be sure to pick a clear or tinted gloss that doesn’t have much glitter on it. Not unless of course you want to look like a wasted early noughties pop star.


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