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5 Lipstick Lessons We Learned From Arci Munoz

This girl sure loves her lippies!
5 Lipstick Lessons We Learned From Arci Munoz This girl sure loves her lippies!

1. Pink nudes colors are perfect for traveling.

It gives you that relaxed, easy-going vibe. You can get away with sporting effortlessly messy hair, flushed cheeks, and bushy brows. Also, because the color is so low-maintenance, you never have to worry about constantly checking if your lipstick is still in place.

2. Painting on a dramatic lip color is the easiest way to look glam.

In this photo, Arci shared that she had to do her own hair and makeup in the car while on the way to an event. If you look closely, she wore colored contacts and paired them with minimal eye makeup (just curled lashes coated with mascara). So the next time we’re pressed for time getting ready for something, we’ll take a cue from Arci and go for a deep burgundy lip.   

3. Baby pink lips look good with anything.  

Arci—who sometimes does her own hair and makeup—ditched the usual nude lipstick and opted for a sheer baby pink lip to tone down her full-rimmed eyes. Works every time!


4. Bold brows and bold lips definitely work!

Here Arci paired her deep berry lips with her signature bold arches. This look works because she filled in her brows with a shade that is lighter than her hair, softening her features a little.

5. Nude lips can instantly make you look fresh.

Painting on a nude lip can either make you look sick or fresh. Arci’s nude lip in this photo brightens up her face, and because she's wearing a shade that complements her skintone, it makes her look super fresh.

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