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5 Habits That Secretly Ruin Your Hair

Like wearing tight ponytails.
5 Habits That Secretly Ruin Your Hair Like wearing tight ponytails.

1. You sleep in the same position.

When you're used to sleeping on one side, especially if you're using a cotton pillowcase, your hair is susceptible to friction on one side. To avoid this snoozing mistake, train your body to sleep on the other side every other night. Investing in a friction-free satin pillowcase helps a lot, too!

2. You like wearing tight ponytails.

Sure, Ariana Grande's high ponytail looks amazing, but tying your tresses in a tight ponytail can cause your locks to stretch and get permanent hair bends. While soft, ribbon elastics will lessen the stress on your locks, it's best to let your hair loose every now and then.

3. You wear your purse straps. 

Sounds uncanny, but it does affect your hair. You may not notice it, but your bag straps snag onto your hair and cause breakage to your strands! Be careful when you move your straps—lift your hair away from the straps to prevent damage and breakage.


4. You like putting on exposed zipped-back tops and dresses.

Yes, they look edgy and cool, but the zipper's teeth can easily catch strands of your hair and cause them to break off. When you find yourself wearing an exposed zip top, make sure your hair is up to avoid contact with the zipper.

5. You prefer using headphones.

While your headphones grant your ears amazing sound quality, the friction they cause can sometimes tear your follicles.
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