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5 Girls With Awesome Hair From Up Fine Arts

Blue hair, don't care!
5 Girls With Awesome Hair From Up Fine Arts Blue hair, don't care!

[UPDATED: March 13, 2015 - 4:05pm]

Having produced various National Artists in the Philippines, it is only natural to come across creative and avant-garde individuals at the campus of the University of the Philippines Diliman. I mean, how many times have we all been caught off-guard by the visionary themes of the UP Pep Squad during Cheer Dance Competition seasons? When they all bleached their hair blonde and dared to go bald for their Madonna and Freedom routines respectively?

This eccentricity only transcends to the everyday fashion of UP students, and one interesting feature that the Iskas below have in common (aside from the fact that they are all from the College of Fine Arts) is the experimentation of their hair styles as a canvas for self-expression. Not to mention that their sense of fashion is also quite exquisite.


Do you remember Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? Yes? No? Well, seeing this CFA student’s moss green colored hair might be able to help you recall. Drawn to Kylie Jenner’s monochromatic fashion style and teal extensions, Nichole Fernandez’ instagram feed is no doubt keeping it up with ½ of the Jenner sisters.



For this particular sophomore, it all started when she entered UP in 2013 and bleached her hair with her block mates for the annual university Lantern Parade. Since then, she has been experimenting and playing around with her gorgeous locks by dyeing it, curling, straightening, and braiding. Kulay Ferraris is currently sporting bright orange hair (think Hayley Williams) and she also got motivated by local artist Yeo Kaa. Did you notice her name? Yeah? Just a coincidence, obviously.


There are only a few selected people who can flawlessly pull of the baby bangs trend. Even Beyoncé (circa 2014) and Kelly Osbourne (circa 2013) received mixed opinions from their fans when they drastically altered their hairstyles. But this didn’t bother Fine Arts student Nika Dizon at all. She actually gets inspiration from fashion and music figure, Françoise Hardy, the '60s mod look, and grunge from the '90s.

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Meanwhile, Tentrix Bañares is owning pastels in 50 shades of cool. This freshman looks up to musical artists Lights Poxleitner and Lana Del Ray. Have you also seen those pastel-haired girls on your Tumblr feed? She gets enthused by them too. And judging by the fashion style of Tentrix, pairing awesome hair with class would never go out of style.


Rocking effortlessly cool mid-length wavy hair right now is another junior, Alyssa Baña. She has previously gone from sporting long locks with a silvery blue ombré to magenta tips to orange tresses to a quarter shave. “I actually just change my hairstyle or hair color in the most drastic way I can whenever something big happens in my life. I enjoy how haircuts and hair colors can change your appearance in an instant.” Her fashion icons include style bloggers Ellen Lora and Junko Suzuki.


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