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6 Free Apps That Guarantee A Perfect #selfie

Gussying up your selfies has never been this fun.
6 Free Apps That Guarantee A Perfect #selfie Gussying up your selfies has never been this fun.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that social media has taken the world by storm. Hashtags, selfies, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—you have to admit, these are all part of your daily routine. With the unspoken pressure of wanting to get more likes on a post, more and more are trying their hand at photo editing. And although we’re not denying that we miss the beauty of printed film photos that catch organic moments leaving us with little or nothing left to do but to laugh at our caught-off-guard-moments, we’ve discovered that some beauty-enhancing apps are actually quite fun to use.

Piquing our interest, we decided to test-drive a handful of editing apps and found six that are not only amusing and funny, but will assure you of perfection in every post if that's your kind of thing. If you think about it, it's definitely a cheaper and non-surgical way to enhance a few minor flaws. Go ahead scroll down and check our review. 


Modiface Visual Makeover

What started as just choosing filters, beauty apps like Modiface’s Visual Makeover, has changed the face of#selfie posting as we know it. The app can give you a surprisingly vast number of hair colors, eye shadow shades, lipsticks tints, and looks to choose from. For hair styles, they use photos of celebrities, which will allow you try that Taylor Swift or Kim K locks you’ve been wanting to see on yourself. It's interesting because the app offers you so many options, making it a playground where you can experiment on looks you may actually want to make real. To make things better, purchasing the full app has a special feature that will tell you the exact name of the makeup you just used so you can purchase them after. Coolness!

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Photo Wonder

With over a hundred million users around the globe, this is one app you can trust. It has a variety of fun functions like frames, stickers, and effects and the beauty option contains unique offerings like “thinify” and “breast”. Yes, you can fool everyone into thinking that you have that beach body others can only dream about.  The best part about this app is that it is such a breeze to use. The interface is something you can figure out yourself. We promise! 


Beauty Mirror

This is one app that got woah’s from us. It works like an actual mirror in the beginning where you fit your face in the oval provided. Once it’s done calibrating, you can then start contouring (as in slimming) your face as you are looking at yourself with just a press of your finger. It’s really quite cool, you need to check it out. Not a photo editing app per se, but if you think about it, it’s actually better because you already edit your face prior to taking the shot.



It can’t get any more apt than an app called Selfie, right? Compared to the others, this one is more straight forward. It offers fewer options but contains the important basics. Simply allow it to detect your face in the shot and start whitening your teeth, mattifying your face, and post it straight to your social media app from there.


Visage Lab

Visage Lab is not your usual app as it does all the work for you. Unlike other programs that gives you the power to measure how bright you want the photo to be, or how much makeup you want to apply, this app on the other hand, gives you a checklist. Just choose what you want to edit, press apply, and it will start working its magic. Voila! A double-tap worthy selfie will be ready for upload. 


Perfect 365                                

If you know nothing about applying makeup and would want to define your features easily, Perfect 365 is your app. It’s as easy as clicking which makeup look you want to apply onto your photo and that’s it, salon makeup in just a tap. We like that there are a lot of choices to choose from which gives your selfies a good range.


P.S. Just remember that these apps are meant to enhance rather than alter you completely, so please ladies, don't overdo it. 

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