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5 Fragrances That Smell Good Enough to Eat

Delicious can be a scent profile, too.
5 Fragrances That Smell Good Enough to Eat

Ever wondered why breakfasts and brunches are often associated with warm, cozy feelings? It’s because taste is a memory.

Every once in a while, all of our senses come together to experience something magical and engrave in our minds what we see, taste, and smell. Whether it's a comforting breakfast at home with Mom, brunch in the countryside during a trip to Europe, or simply the everyday cereal you love so much, a simple whiff of something meaningful to you can bring you back to the memories associated with it and transport you back to happy times.

English Fields, the latest fragrance line from Jo Malone London, was concocted to bring out exactly that—happy memories that elicit pleasant sensations of devouring delicious food. We are all naturally attracted to anything that smells fragrant, and with these five new fragrances that smell so good, they're guaranteed to tantalize your senses.  


1. Poppy and Barley

Allow this scent to transport you to the British countryside with the contrast of rich red poppies and barley mixed with violet flowers, fruity blackcurrant, and the soft powdery notes of white musk. Playful, cheerful and fun, this scent is just the thing you need to instantly perk up any day.


2. Primrose and Rye

Wake up to a sunshine-y day with warmth from the tropical combination of golden corn, coconut, and mimosa. Add to that the combo of joyful yellow primroses on an addictive, bakery-esque base of rye and vanilla and you’ll have your own sunshine in a bottle that will awaken your palate.   


3. Oat and Cornflower

Relish on the comfort the breakfast staple can give whenever and wherever you are. Enlivened by cornflowers and made more interesting with nutty hazelnut to emulate crunchy bread, this is a warm and elegant scent that will make your mouth water upon every whiff. 


4. Honey and Crocus

There is something so charming about the element of nectar and honey that can instantly put a sweet smile on anyone’s face. This particular fragrance is made from honey mixed with lavender extracts to make it sweet and fresh and is topped off with a dash of almond milk to bring forth a new texture almost like a condensed creamy syrup to balance out the floral tones.


5. Green Wheat and Meadowsweet

Green wheat evokes the beginning of spring when everything begins to grow. This scent feels and smells like the cool breeze when young wheat is still green. Feel fresh all day with this crisp, powdery scent infused with a zesty twist of grapefruit. It's a scent you can equate with a refreshing dessert with a punch.


What makes this fragrance line even more special is that each of the scents is meant to be layered—giving you the power and freedom to create and personalize your own scent combinations, something you can proudly call your own. Have fun discovering captivating new fragrance blends, and find your very own signature scent in the process. Enjoy!


Find out more about the English Fields collection at This limited-edition collection is available in Jo Malone London shops located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza, and SM Aura.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Jo Malone London.