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5 Filipina Beauty Vloggers to Add to Your Watchlist

Step up your makeup game with these local beauty junkies!
5 Filipina Beauty Vloggers to Add to Your Watchlist
Step up your makeup game with these local beauty junkies!

Believe it or not, there are more beauty vloggers to watch that aren't from the US or Australia. Filipina beauty lovers have actually been stepping up their YouTube game for quite some time now, and their videos are entertaining and informative enough to make you hit on the "subscribe" button in a heartbeat. Below, we list down five of our favorite local beauty vloggers to watch and why we think you'll love them, too!

1. Anne Clutz

Every Filipina who loves makeup will find Anne a treat to watch. She injects her infectious humor into her tutorials and reviews and doesn't fail to deliver when her viewers want to learn more about new trends and products. Drugstore products are her forte, so watching her videos will feel like strolling through our local beauty counters with an equally beauty-obsessed friend.

2. Anna Cay

Reviews on high-end makeup that are straight to the point and honest are Anna's specialty, and that's why she's one of our go-to's. Judging by the way she talks about the products, you can tell that this girl knows makeup like the back of her hand. She always sports perfect makeup looks in every video, too, complete with flawlessly highlighted cheeks!


3. Michelle Dy

If anyone has ever told you that makeup isn't fun, feel free to direct them to Michelle's channel. Her videos are proof that being a makeup junkie is an actual form of expression and creativity, and, of course, a wacky sense of humor. Michelle even speaks mostly in Tagalog in her videos, and she's quite refreshing to listen to!

4. Janina Vela

Janina's channel is one that we recommend to teens and makeup beginners because most of her looks are simple, minimal, and created with mostly affordable products. It's also undeniable how much effort and creativity she pours into her videos, and her channel has overall quality content that you won't expect from a 17-year-old.

5. Isha Borromeo

The way Isha talks to her audience is engaging, and it's basically like watching a friend instead of just someone you found online. Go watch her vlogs to see just how candid and passionate about makeup she is.

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We won't blame you if you start binge-watching their videos!

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