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5 Easy Makeup Tricks That Will Make You Look Younger

Reverse time with these neat tricks!
5 Easy Makeup Tricks That Will Make You Look Younger
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Reverse time with these neat tricks!

Let's cut to the chase: light, natural-looking makeup is the ultimate anti-aging look. Here are five easy techniques that you can incorporate into your makeup routine to keep you looking fresh and ever so youthful:

1. Don't overdo your base.

Less is always more for youthful-looking makeup. Skip the structured contouring and try shading instead. Go for a light to medium coverage foundation and spot conceal your blemishes, and then lastly, use blush very sparingly on the apples of your cheeks. But if you love blush so much, maybe you can dip your toes into the hangover look?


2. Try straight or undone brows.

Straight eyebrows instantly give a more innocent and younger vibe to the face that wears them—just look at those ageless Korean stars. Eyebrows that are filled in very carefully without looking too blocky keep your makeup looking minimal and fresh.

3. Highlight strategically.

Don't use too much product when highlighting. When applying concealer under the eyes, only use a dot or two on the dark areas and blend. For the eyes, stick to neutral eyeshadows and subtle shimmers. And for the face, use a fan brush with the smallest amount of product and dust it on carefully to your cheekbones.

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4. Keep your eyeliner neat and simple.

A thin line along your lashline or a subtle cat eye should be enough to define your eyes for everyday wear. Avoid using black eyeliner on your lower waterline while you're at it, too.



Korean singer IU in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

5. Powder only where you need it.

Skin with a bit of shine and glow is the ultimate secret to looking fresh and young. For dry skin, skip the powder entirely if you don't get oily throughout the day. But if you're oily, use a mattifying foundation that'll eventually blend into the skin and give you a natural shine, so you'd only need to powder your t-zone and the places where you applied concealer.

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