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5 Diet Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

They're sabotaging your weight loss.
5 Diet Mistakes You Need to Stop Making They're sabotaging your weight loss.

What you might think is helping you achieve your fitness goals is probably not cutting it if you feel miserable and, most of all, hungry. There are certain things about weight loss that are pure hearsay and designed to put you in this diet cycle forever, and it's time for you to let them go.

Here are the five most common dieting mistakes that you have to stop making:

1. Eating a very light lunch.

Lunch should be a well-balanced meal that will keep you full until your afternoon snack or dinner, because it's only halfway through the day and your body needs more fuel to function. Hence, eating something very low in calories like a sad salad and one banana might be the reason why you're hungrier than a famished lioness three hours later.

2. Cutting out all types of carbs.

Listen, carbs are good for you. They give you energy and make you happy. As long as you eat the right types of carbs in moderation, there's no need for you to ban them from your diet.


3. Not watching your fat intake.

Oil is also called fat for very obvious reasons. Yes, some oils contain healthy fats, but if you want your body to digest food better and burn fat faster, not adding more fat for it to burn makes a whole lot of sense. So for best results, your fried chicken intake might have to be reduced to once a week—sorry!


4. Counting calories.

It's stressful, frustrating, and restricting. A food item can have two calories and have the worst effect on your body at the same time. Go for meals that you know are healthy so you can enjoy eating instead of doing math at the dinner table.

5. Obsessing over the numbers on the weighing scale.

Weighing yourself every two minutes is another source of unnecessary stress you shouldn't deal with if you want to stay positive. To track your progress, try focusing on what your body is feeling and how your old clothes fit you. Better yet, just keep living with a healthy lifestyle, and soon there won't be any need for a weighing scale in your house anymore.

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With a few tweaks to your regimen, we're sure you'll reach your #fitnessgoals in no time. Good luck!

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