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5 Cool Girl Beauty Tips We Learned From Martine Cajucom

Eyelash glue as alternative to brow gel? Why not!
5 Cool Girl Beauty Tips We Learned From Martine Cajucom
Eyelash glue as alternative to brow gel? Why not!

As the Creative Director of Sunnies Studios, resident "It" girl Martine Cajucom has mastered the same fun, laid-back, and effortless look as her business. So if you want to emulate the same vibe, read on for her best beauty tips!

1. Dry shampoo and texturizing sprays are the trick to achieving bombshell hair.

Messy, lived in hair is all everyone wants right now. To get that effect, Martine explained that "nothing beats actually living in your hair, but a cheap trick is dry shampoo and texturizing sprays!"

2. You can make any product multi-purpose!

One of her favorite beauty rules to break? "Turning non-intentional multi-use products into multi-use products. Lipstick as eyeshadow? Using oil as my highlighter? Using eyelash glue to give my brows a feathered look? Yes to all, please."

3. Exfoliants and serums are the ultimate power couple for glowing skin.

"I'm a huge fan of Kiehl's because their products really work! Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and Midnight Recovery Concentrate are my current go-tos. Anything with retinol does wonders, too."


4. Nothing will ever beat monochromatic makeup.

Whether it's trendy or not, Martine said, "Peachy eyes, peachy cheeks, and peachy lips are my forever." How about trying the look on your next night out?

5. Your go-to products will help you master the five-minute makeup look!

"I've mastered the art of doing the five-minute makeup look while in an Uber. The trick is having an arsenal of sure bets that you know always look good on you. Mine is a warm matte brown eyeshadow, a peachy nude lip, a soft natural brow, and light mascara."

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