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5 Common Bronzing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Give your face the right glow.
5 Common Bronzing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Putting on makeup involves some level of skill. But as much as we love making our faces a work of art, we don’t want our foundation looking like thick, impressionist brushstrokes; nor do we want drawn out facial features (unless it’s Halloween). So in the age of highlighters and contouring kits, how can we achieve this? For starters, make sure your bronzing game is on point.

Don't go for ash.

When picking a shade to contour or bronze with, never go for a hue that has gray or blue tones—you might end up looking sick. Instead, opt for warm shades that are two tones darker than your current skin tone. This will make blending easier and more accurate. Luckily, the BYS Bronzing Powder palette has all the beautiful warm tones you’ll need to ace your look.

Choose the right brush.

Bronzer shouldn’t be applied densely like a contour. It should be swept lightly along your T-zone and cheekbones, in between highlighted and contoured areas, to achieve that sun-kissed glow. Don't build up and darken; simply dust lightly. A big, fat fluffy brush is the perfect tool for applying just the right amount of product.

Opt for a powder bronzer over a cream or liquid one.

Cream and liquid bronzers have the tendency to apply a little harshly. When you have too much product on your face, you might end up looking muddy or burnt—and no one wants that. That's why the BYS Bronzing Powder palette is perfect! With a variety of shades to choose from, you can easily pick one or blend two or more hues to create the perfect shade you need. To top it all off, it comes in a cute, convenient package, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

Know your face shape.

Everyone's face is unique, so it’s important to learn how to best accentuate your features. Know which areas to emphasize with highlighter, which areas to give more definition with bronzer, and which parts of your face you can leave as is. For example, a small forehead doesn’t really require much attention, but a wide jaw can be slimmed down with some bronzer. But remember, we’re not going for a sculpted look. Don't darken and sculpt like how you'd contour!

Perfect your base first.

The key to achieving a natural look is to start with a flawless base, but this requires more than just a full-coverage foundation. When it comes to getting an even complexion, using a color corrector like the BYS Color Correcting palette will help neutralize any facial discoloration. Once you've created the perfect base, you'll easily ace the glow you're going for with your bronzer.

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