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5 Celebrity Tattoos That Went Wrong and the Stories Behind Them

From typos to wrong translations.
5 Celebrity Tattoos That Went Wrong and the Stories Behind Them
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From typos to wrong translations.

While most people get tattoos as a permanent reminder of a significant memory or important event in their lives, not all cases end up successful. Even stars have had experiences with a tattoo gone wrong. From typos to wrong translations, here are a few celebrity tattoos that did not exactly go as planned.

Ariana Grande

To commemorate the release of her song "7 Rings," Ariana had the song title tattooed on her in Kanji, which is the Japanese writing system that uses adopted Chinese characters. What she didn't know at the time and what fans were quick to notice, however, was that when the characters for "7" and "rings" are separated, it reads "shichirin" which translates to "Japanese style barbecue grill."



Rihanna has several tattoos. One is a tattoo in French inked on the side of her neck that says "rebelle fleur." Those who know how to speak French were quick to point out that the tattoo is grammatically incorrect because, in French, the noun should come before the adjective.

Rihanna, however, defended her tattoo by saying that it translates to "rebel flower," meaning that it's two nouns and the order, therefore, does not matter.

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Hayden Panettiere

In 2013, Hayden graced the cover of a magazine and showed off her tattoo, which says the Italian phrase vivere senza rimipianti, meaning "live life without regrets." Unfortunately, the word rimipianti was misspelled to rimpianti. On her misspelled ink, Hayden tells Glamour, "I literally have to live by that advice!"

Jessie J

Jessie J had the phrase, "don't loose who you are in the blur of the stars" tattooed on her hip, which is part of the lyrics to her song "Who You Are." It was mispelled, though, because "loose" is supposed to be "lose." She was 18 years old when she got the tattoo and the artist "didn't mention it."


Jennifer Lawrence

As a spontaneous person, Jennifer decided to get a tattoo because all her friends were getting them. She decided on getting H2O tattooed on her hand as a reminder for her to drink more water. In an interview, she shares a blunder in her ink: "I didn't google H2O. I'm a middle school drop out, it says H squared O." The "2" should be a subscript instead of a superscript, but she got it the other way around.

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