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5 Beauty Secrets of Old Hollywood Icons

Here's your cheat sheet to looking like Marilyn Monroe.
5 Beauty Secrets of Old Hollywood Icons Here's your cheat sheet to looking like Marilyn Monroe.

It’s been said that screen sirens Marilyn Monroe's and Elizabeth Taylor’s biggest beauty secret was shaving their faces for younger and brighter looking skin. And while those may have given them amazing results, we’re pretty sure that not everyone is game to take a razor to the face. That said, here are a few other tried-and-tested beauty tricks that silver screen goddesses of the past swore by.

TIP #1: Use your blush as a lipstick base.

Using a damp lip brush, apply blush to the lips to create a base and outline before swiping on lipstick. It’s a good anchor if you want your color to last all day long.

TIP #2: Create illusions with beauty marks.

Marilyn was particularly fond of this trick. It’s an easy way to draw attention to features you want to highlight. How do you do it? Simple. Take your eyeliner and dot it on your desired spot then soften it using your finger.

TIP #3: Use lipstick as blush.

One of the oldest tricks in the book, the key to this is perfect application. After swiping on your lipstick, press lips together and gently dab using your index finger to pick up a bit of color then bring it to your cheek.



TIP #4: Sub highlighter for gloss.

Sure, it can get a bit sticky but if it’s a dewy highlight that you’re aiming for, then this trick is worth the try. Apply a light amount on the high points of your brow to give your eyes a lift and to create the illusion of higher cheekbones.


TIP #5: Shade your hairline.

Today, we know this trick as contouring. Deepening the scalp under your hairline can dramatically change the shape of your face which is perfect if you want to switch things up for the evening. 



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