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5 Kinds of Beauty Products You Should Probably Avoid

Save yourself from a beauty tragedy!
5 Kinds of Beauty Products You Should Probably Avoid
Save yourself from a beauty tragedy!

Makeup can be very misleading if you're not careful. Some products may claim to do the job, but they're secretly making your beauty routine more troublesome than it should be. This is why whenever you go shopping, you have to stay smart and weed out the products that have the potential to lead you to a makeup disaster. Check our list below and inspect your current collection to prevent bad purchases in the future!

1. Overly-pigmented brow products

No matter how sparse your eyebrows are, overly-pigmented brow products can't help you. It may seem faster to do your brows with them, but believe us when we say that the excess pigment can easily cause mistakes that'll result in major delays or lead to Sharpie brows!

How to avoid buying them: Swatch the brow product on the back of your hand before purchasing. If it looks like you swatched a pigmented eyeliner or the swatch ends up chunky, drop it! Choose brow products that are capable of thin, hair-like strokes that don't look heavy.


What to buy instead:

IMAGE K-Palette, Etude House

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyepencil 24H WP, P795, Beauty Bar; Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, P148, SM Megamall

2. Oily sunscreen

Here's the thing: You should always apply sunscreen under your foundation. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to find a sunscreen that works with both your skin type and your foundation. Contrasting formulas between the two, like wearing an oily sunscreen under a water-based foundation, can actually cause a sloppy-looking base even if both products are good!

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How to choose the right sunscreen: Consider your skintype and the formula of your favorite foundation. If you're oily and your foundation is oil-free, use a watery sunscreen or something oil-free as well. If you have dry skin, go for nourishing sunscreens in cream formulas that don't contain a lot of alcohol. Better yet, for all skin types, go for one that is both moisturizing without being too greasy!



Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50 PA++++, P420, Watsons

3. Falsies with thick bands

With falsies, it's not just the style of the lashes you need to look out for. You have to make sure that they will sit well on your eyes and look real! So when shopping for falsies, inspect the bands of the lashes in addition to the hairs because if they're too thick, they'll feel way too heavy to wear for a long period of time and make it too obvious that you're wearing a fake pair—unless that's the look you're going for!

How to shop for false lashes: Research, research, research! There should be tons of reviews online about comfortable and natural-looking lashes. You can even check the brands that makeup artists tag on Instagram and use on their celebrity clients!

4. Orange/Brown contouring products

A well-contoured face looks sculpted, not sunburnt! And if your contour looks more like a blush or a muddy stain than a natural shadow, it's time to switch to a new one. Check out this comparison:



The product on the left's contour shade is way too orange and would work better as a blush for deeper complexions. The power on the right, however, is the perfect midtone brown to sculpt cheekbones.

How to shop for contouring products: Don't just go for any brown for your contour. Choose shades that are more neutral like a brownish gray over a brownish orange or red. This is because a neutral brown can cut through the warm or cool tones of your complexion and create a shadow in a different hue.


5. Foundation that doesn't set

A good foundation needs to be able to adjust to your skin, not the other way around. Even if you like your foundation dewy, an effective foundation shouldn't feel sticky or tacky to the touch when it has already been on your face for 30 minutes. Not only do foundations like this feel uncomfortable, they also don't last well on the skin and will surely slip and slide if you're not careful.


IMAGE Jenna Marbles

How to spot them: Always swatch foundation on your skin before purchasing. You can immediately spot a product that doesn't set when your swatch stays a wet blob on the skin after 15 minutes. For foundations you already own, try them on and check if your face feels sticky and uncomfortable or if your finger ends up oily and full of product when you tap your face gently.

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