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5 Beauty Mistakes a Fashion Girl Would Never Make

Before it’s too late!
5 Beauty Mistakes a Fashion Girl Would Never Make

They say prevention is always better than cure. So why not master these beauty routines with enough discipline before you fix the damage. Take your cue from the fashion girl. You can bet that she would never commit any of these mistakes!

1. Leaving the house without putting on sunscreen

Going out bare-faced is one thing, but foregoing even SPF will be the beginning of your skin’s downfall. Make sure you apply sunscreen daily—and no, what’s in your makeup doesn’t count—to avoid skin damage.

2. Not protecting hair from damage 

A fashion girl does a good job of playing with her mane because she knows how to take care of it even before the damage* is there. Use Dove Intense Repair Shampoo to prevent damage. It has keratin actives that repairs damage instantly and stops damage before it starts so you can keep on playing with your hair. 

3. Not cleaning your tools

Just as important as sleeping with a clean face is cleaning your sponges and brushes. It’s a tedious job, but someone has to do it!

 4. Forgetting to cleanse your face twice a day 

Unless you want to risk a breakout in the next 24 hours, you know well that cleansing your face must never be skipped—before and after hitting the sheets. While you’re at it, why not exfoliate and moisturize, too?

5. Checking the expiration date of products 

Once something is past its expiration date, its efficacy starts to wear off. While that doesn’t sound too bad, you should know that expired products can also become breeding grounds for bacteria. So before it does, always double check the expiration date. 


*Damage refers to roughness and dryness. With regular system use.



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