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4 Ways To Pose With Your Hair According To Maggie Wilson

Ready to #PoseLikeMaggie?
4 Ways To Pose With Your Hair According To Maggie Wilson

There are a lot of elements to consider when taking the perfect travel shot, but ultimately, it all comes down to striking the right pose. The key is not to overthink it—in fact, let your hair down (literally) and do what feels natural to you. If keeping your hair down might seem more of a hassle than keeping it in a neat updo during your travels, let Maggie Wilson be your guide to taking the perfect shot. During her recent trip to Shanghai, the TV host-slash-model stepped out to see if her hair could stay fresh and camera-ready against the smog in the densely populated city.

Below are some of Maggie's best posing ideas from her #PoseLikeMaggie series—loose, wispy waves included:

1. Swept Away

When the wind picks up, use it in your favor. Face yourself against the direction of the breeze—and stand tall as the camera clicks away. Hair should feel light as a feather to suggest an effortless swept-away shot. Take cues from Maggie and try looking away or on the ground, or simply close your eyes as you enjoy the breeze.

2. Overhead

No one really knows what to do with their arms in photos, unless you’re a pro like Maggie. The idea of putting your arms over your head might seem out of the norm, but that’s also why it’s worth a shot. Note that you don’t have to go for the dramatic mood—have fun with the pose and do what makes you feel confident.

3. The Bare Shoulder

If you’re wearing a sleeveless top, let your hair fall naturally and brush over your bare shoulder. Then, flash a smize just like Maggie for a come-hither look.

4. On The Move

Movement can add dimension to a photo. When your hair feels light and fresh, you can easily flaunt it in the air. Try a candid action shot like crossing the street. Go against the direction of the breeze. To make your photo look more natural, don’t mind the camera and just watch where you’re going.

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Watch how Maggie Wilson modeled her #IntenseButLight hair as she explored the smoggy streets of Shanghai:

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