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4 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Fragrances

We quiz Bianca Gonzalez on why life is too short for just one scent.
4 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Fragrances We quiz Bianca Gonzalez on why life is too short for just one scent.

Because a scent invisibly dresses whoever is wearing it, opting for the right scent and smelling good is as important in showcasing who you are. We quizzed TV Host, columnist, and brand ambassador Bianca Gonzalez to help us figure out how scent switching can make a huge difference in your everyday routine.

1. Scents make us remember. 

There’s no more powerful memory trigger than a scent. It sends the mind rummaging through our memory banks of smells that relate to various events and feelings of the past—from back when we were children to the moments we relished when we were young adults.

“A whiff of my high school cologne brings back particular memories of those days,” relates Bianca, “far better than looking at photographs!” If a fragrance makes us remember, then it only means it can help us create more moments to earmark too! Switch to different scents for different important occasions of your day!   





2. They make us feel good about ourselves. And others, too! 

…thus we like smelling good all day. “It uplifts the mood,” according to Bianca. “It instantly affects our emotions.” Transitioning smoothly to a different scent is easy when we use Downy Parfum Collection fabric conditioner which has the new Scent Switcher technology. One can #instaswitch scents just by rubbing your clothes—each rub automatically gives you a different perfume experience.

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3. Scents are the simplest yet most arresting embellishment we could wear.

The fragrance we wear is the extension of our personality and mood. “It completes your look for the day,” says Bianca. “And so it also matters where you put it.” We love the sophistication of fragrance sprayed behind our necks, and how the scents diffuse when we wear our hair down. But the good news is, even without perfume or cologne, you can still complete your look for the day. When we rub our Downy Parfum-infused clothes—on our sleeves just above our wrists and on our collar, draws attraction to our décolletage ever so subtly.





4. Fragrances are simple tools to balance the mind and body.

Aromas can stimulate or calm, shape memories, and induce positive emotions. There are particular families of scents that could help in work productivity, concentration, and stress relief. With the new Downy Parfum Collection, we can have a different perfume experience with every rub on our clothes. It can even boost our mood every time we need it! We like to mix and play around with scents, and this time, we can keep on switching scents for any occasion throughout the day. 

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