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4 Palettes Every Aspiring Makeup Artist Needs

Looking to complete your kit? Say no more.
4 Palettes Every Aspiring Makeup Artist Needs

If you want to be a makeup artist, you'll have to shop for loads of products to keep in your kit. While you may have a number of foundations in different undertones and more brushes than you can keep track of, you might still be missing an essential part of an MUA's arsenal: eyeshadow. The easiest way to check this item off your list is to invest in eyeshadow palettes-they're compact, versatile, and economical. Below, the four essential eyeshadow palettes every makeup artist must have:

1. A Neutral Palette

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More often than not, you'll be asked to do a simple neutral eye look, especially when it comes to bridal makeup. This is best achieved with a palette consisting of browns, golds, and taupes. Not only are these colors safe, they also go with pretty much anything that your client decides to wear. Consider adding BYS's Nude 4 Palette to your kit-it has 12 shades curated to complement each other, so blending and matching will be a piece of cake. Best believe that this will be your most used palette.

2. A Brightly Hued Palette

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The best part about being the makeup artist for an editorial shoot is that you have more room to be experimental and avant-garde with the looks you create. Play around with colors using BYS' Euphoria Palette. It contains pigmented shades in every color of the rainbow, ensuring you have a lot of bold and adventurous looks in your portfolio.

3. A Peachy Palette

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Thanks to Pantone, you can expect that a lot of clients will request for a living coral look, which is usually equivalent to a peachy monochrome face. It'll be wise to keep BYS' Peach 2 Palette handy. A good makeup artist isn't just skilled, but also knows what looks are trendy and relevant.

4. A Smoky Palette

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The classic smoky eye will never go out of style, so a selection of dark shadows is essential in your color collection. You never know when you'll be booked for a night out, a school dance, or a big date, so best to keep in your kit a palette that you can create a number of dark, sultry looks with, like BYS' Rebel Palette.

While makeup artistry might just be a hobby for some, it's considered an art form and even a business opportunity for others. We can all agree that knowing how to get glam is an important skill, which is why BYS invites everyone to be her own expert with their Reign campaign, whose face is Asia's songbird and-unbeknownst to some-her own makeup artist: Regine Velasquez. With the release of their four newest palettes, BYS makes it easy to experiment with makeup and master makeup artistry-whether it be for clients or for yourself.

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