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4 Lipstick Shades Every Beauty Girl Should Own, According to a Makeup Artist

Do you have these shades in your collection yet?
4 Lipstick Shades Every Beauty Girl Should Own, According to a Makeup Artist

Lipstick shopping used to mean choosing between just two colors: red or pink—feisty or sweet, no in-between. Now, buying lipsticks can be more complicated and overwhelming, thanks to the hundreds of iterations of nudes, an entire line of reds, and different tints of pinks available—and those only comprise a fraction of a much bigger color palette for lippies. To help you figure out which shades to choose, we sought the advice of Revlon Philippines’ in-house makeup artist, Geraldine Carlos. Below, she gives us the lowdown on the no-fail lip colors you should have in your collection, plus tips on how to wear your makeup for each shade.

What are the popular lip colors every beauty girl should own?

Every beauty girl should own nude, plum, pink, and red shades.

A nude lip isn’t just for those who prefer a subtle finish. Complement the look with eyeshadow and eyeliner to bring focus and definition to your eyes.

Wearing a dark plum lip is a bold move, which is why you need to balance it out by softening your eye makeup. Choose a neutral shade for your eyeshadow, then do a cat eyeIf you’re going for a lighter shade of purple on your lips, go for coral, peach, or light brown for your eyes.

If you’re daring enough to sport hot pink lips, opt for soft pink blush and subtle eyeshadow for a balanced yet stunning look. But if you prefer a soft pink lip, a monochromatic makeup look is just perfect. Put on pink eyeshadow to look fresh and trendy.

Wearing bright red lipstick is an energetic and classic choice. Red makes a statement of your lips, so you don’t have to go heavy with the rest of your makeup. Simply define your eyes with eyeliner.

Which shades are best for the day? How about for the night?

Any lipstick shade can be worn at any time, as long as you are confident. If you're planning to wear a light shade like nude or pink during the day, apply blush to your cheeks for a drunk blush look. If you're doing it for the night, pair it with a smokey eye.

If you prefer to wear dark or bold lip shades like fuchsia, purple, or wine plum during the day, pat your lipstick on to create a tinted look. At night, define your lips even more with a dark lip liner for a sexy goth look.

Red is a universal shade. Do a quick touch-up if you have evening plans.

Revlon has a lipstick collection called ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor, which is composed of bold, classic, and neutral shades. Which shade do you recommend for each essential color you mentioned?

The Boundless Nude shade is a peachy nude that’s perfect for an everyday no-makeup look. Limitless Black Cherry is a sexy, wine plum color that complements dark eye makeup. For a lighter plum color, I suggest Neverending Purple to still make your lips stand out.

If you enjoy wearing pink lipstick, the All Night Fuchsia shade is a fun, purplish-red color—perfect for a night out with friends. But if you prefer a softer pink, the For Keeps Pink shade can give you that sweet girl-next-door vibe. Finally, for a classic red carpet look with intense red lips, try the Unending Red shade. It’s a seductive and intense cherry red.

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor comes with a conditioning topcoat. How do you properly apply it?

Prep your lips by lightly exfoliating them. Apply the lipstick on your cupid’s bow, then fill in the rest of your lips. Wait for the color to dry and feel matte. Brush on the lipstick’s moisturizing topcoat to give your lips a glossy look and seal in the color, making it stay on longer—think 16 hours.

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