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3 Ways to Pull Off the Wet Hair Trend

Wet hair, don’t care!
3 Ways to Pull Off the Wet Hair Trend
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/rosenthaltee
Wet hair, don’t care!

The slick wet hair trend has been quite popular this season and it's the perfect excuse to hit that snooze button in the morning. You can finally step out of the house sans blowdrying and get away looking fab still. Here are three ways you can sport this easy trend.

1. Slick bangs

If you're not so keen on stepping out of the house with wet hair, you can just part your hair deep on one side and tuck your strands behind your ears. Grab a bottle of gel and apply some on your bangs.

2. Half-way undone

Meanwhile, if you have no time to wash your hair, fret not! Give your crowning glory a dewy makeover by sliding your fingers from your hairline down to your nape with some gel or hair oil. Keep the lower part of your hair dry for an undone look. It's a great alternative to the bed hair style without having to reach for dry shampoo!


3. Wet hair all the way

Should your mornings go super rushed and you're left with no time to quickly dry your hair, don't worry! Wet strands are in this season. Just apply a little mousse or hair gel through your hair to give it some volume, or put it up in a bun like Thakoon and Rosenthal Tee's girls on their runways.

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Photos from @rosenthaltee on Instagram, Anna Webber, Victor VIRGILE and Antonello Trio via Getty Images.

Main image from @rosenthaltee on Instagram.

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