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3 Ways to Style Naturally Curly Hair

Rock those waves!
3 Ways to Style Naturally Curly Hair
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Rock those waves!

With naturally curly hair, the need for styling is minimal. But if your comb-and-go routine for your wavy locks is starting to bore you, below are ways that you can show off your hair and change up your look according to professional hairstylist Mycke Arcano:


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Quick hairstyles are all about putting the hair away from the face in the most convenient way possible, and headbands and turbans are the best things for the job if you have curly hair. "Top knots look particularly better on curly hair because of the natural added volume at the top," Mycke says. And turbans give a different shape to your hair while keeping it tidy!


Ponytails will never go out of style because they're the easiest way to look simple yet elegant. Middle-parted hair that ends in a low ponytail is an easy go-to for last minute parties and events. Add in a braid or two on the ends or accentuate your curls with a few twirls on a curling iron.

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If ponytails are too tame for you, go for boxer braids for an edgy streetstyle vibe.


Curly hair may be the bee's knees, but trying out something new won't hurt. This slick back style a la Zendaya is sure to make your entrance to an event a special one especially if you've never tried it before.

To achieve this look, Mycke recommends starting with untangling your hair with a wide tooth comb and applying a coat of heat protectant. Then with a flat iron, straighten your hair in sections until curls subside. Apply gel with a wet and hard finish on the crown downwards and tuck your hair behind your ears for a cleaner and face-framing look. Set everything with hairspray and you're done!

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