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3 Ways to Style Your Growing Out Lob

Braids and top knots to the rescue!
3 Ways to Style Your Growing Out Lob
Braids and top knots to the rescue!

Months after you take the plunge and finally get a pixie cut or a bob à la Anna Wintour, your hair enters this weird awkward stage where it takes the role of a high school misfit. It's always either too short or too long for any hairstyle, and is an absolute nightmare to style in general. So while you nurse your growing bob back to its longer self, here are three ways you can work around the awkward hair stage without looking too shabby:

EASY: Half-up top knot


When you're pressed for time and your hair is getting in the way of your vision, find your hair's natural parting and gather two small front sections to create a small half top knot. Be careful not to use too much hair to prevent the knot from looking chunky!


MODERATE: Braids and twists

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Being the master of doing braids on your short hair is the best way to steer away from mullet tendencies. They keep the hair away from the face and creates shape that it may be starting to lack. Fishtail and waterfall braids are our favorites for short hair!

HARD: Side part bun

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To give an edgier spin to your growing locks and to mask messy layered hair, do a side part for the shorter sections at the front, then gather the rest into a neat bun at the back of your head.

Now the hair growth waiting game won't be too brutal!