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3 Blush Tricks That Will Instantly Change Your Face

3 Blush Tricks That Will Instantly Change Your Face
Pick your flush.

Blush is one makeup staple that can conveniently be worn in multiple ways. Even if you use the same exact color daily (nothing wrong with that!), a few tweaks in application can give you an entirely different look. Possible results include but aren't limited to: creating the illusion of a different face shape, giving a more youthful appearance and the list just goes on. Just change where you apply it and you'll see! For reference, check out our favorite ways to use it below:

1. On the cheekbone

Applying rouge directly on your cheekbone (from the apples of the cheeks and towards the temple) gives your face a subtle lifting effect. It separates the volume on your upper cheeks from the hollows, which is where you'd usually apply a contouring color, hence giving the face more dimension. This method usually works best for round/square face shapes as well as mature faces that need either a lift or more volume on the cheeks.


2. Underneath the cheekbone

There's more than one way to contour, and one of those alternative methods include using blush. First, pick a muted blush shade that could pass as a bronzer (think warm colors like MAC's Harmony or NARS' Madly) and blend that slightly below your cheekbone. Don't go too low or too high—the key here is to give your face some definition without too much rosiness from a blush or ashiness from a contour. If you have a longer face shape, consider this your secret weapon to flattering and natural definition.

3. The center of the face

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Hangover blush, the J-beauty trend that's become a go-to for many celebs and influencers, is an easy way to add some playfulness to your look. It's done by focusing blush on the inner cheeks and nose, which focuses all attention to the center of the face. Obviously, it's nowhere near the traditional way of application, but it does give a youthful element to your look. Think of it as wearable baby doll makeup. It works for just about any face shape, too, provided that the blush doesn't go past the tip of your nose!

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