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Learn 3 Easy Makeup Hacks From Kylie Jenner

When King Kylie talks makeup, we listen.
Learn 3 Easy Makeup Hacks From Kylie Jenner When King Kylie talks makeup, we listen.


When it comes to rocking a makeup look that's trending and totally flawless, there's no denying that Kylie Jenner has perfected the art at such a young age. In fact, she's already developed her own lipstick line and is currently working on expanding an entire makeup collection. So it's definitely not a secret that she's become quite the beauty expert. And thanks to her app and YouTube page, we now get an insider look at her easy but very effective makeup tips. Wonder what they are? Just scroll down below and take note!

  1. Brushing over brows to remove excess brow product. This trick is something that's absolutely necessary, especially for those who are new to drawing over and filling in their eyebrows. If you put too much product, simply brush your eyebrows over with a spoolie brush to diffuse the product and create a more natural look.

  2. While applying mascara, let it touch the skin on your lower lashline. This will give you a natural lived-in look without having to go over your bottom lashline with any eyeliner! And although most people tell you to make sure your mascara doesn't touch your skin, this is one time that it's actually okay! The results create an edgier eye look.

  3. Apply tape to the corner of your eyes before applying any eye makeup. This trick might feel uncomfortable, as Kylie's makeup artist states in the video, but it's a foolproof way to lift your eyes by creating a sharp winged look with your eye shadow and eyeliner! Also, it's a great way to easily remove any excess product in that area by your eyes.

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