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3 Skin Care Products You Don't Actually Need, According to a Derma

Do you agree with his list?
3 Skin Care Products You Don't Actually Need, According to a Derma
ILLUSTRATOR Mark Buenaobra
Do you agree with his list?

Any self-confessed beauty girl knows that in the realm of skin care, there are a lot of do's and don'ts. Pat in your moisturizer, don't go to bed with makeup, apply sunblock everyday and don't tug at your skin are just a few of the daily rules we at Preview adhere to. And just like any other set of rules, these rules can change. 

Enter: Dr. Davin Lim, an Australian dermatologist and laser artist who aims to educate people on the world of aesthetic science via his YouTube channel. While scouring the interwebs for new skin care tips, we came across one of his videos that outlined three skin care products you don't actually need in your routine. 

What products exactly? 

Alcohol-based toner, as explained by Dr. Davin, was a way to bring back the pH level of the skin after being cleansed by soap. Now that pH neutral cleansers exist, there's no need for a drying, potentially irritating toner.


The doctor also asks you to ditch the eye cream. Instead, "if you want creams to actually do something useful to your skin—like diminish fine lines, dark circles and skin ageing, try diluting your super powerful face cream." Yup! You heard that right! The doctor suggests to use, "¼ active face cream, ¾ bland emollient like Cetaphil or Obaji Hydrate."

Lastly, don't spend on kid's sunscreen! It costs more than adult sunscreen, but you're paying for the exact same thing. 

Watch the video below for a more thorough explanation! 

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