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3 Subtle Makeup Looks That You Can Easily Cop Without Using Brushes

So easy!
3 Subtle Makeup Looks That You Can Easily Cop Without Using Brushes
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
So easy!

Forgot your makeup brushes at home? Before you start hyperventilating, know that there are ways to still look fab sans the tools—and we've got proof! Below, three very realistic (so realistic that I myself can demonstrate them for you!) options for when you need that extra beauty boost hands-on.

1. Pink eyeshadow


STEP 1: After priming, apply a bright pink lip gloss or cheek tint on your eyelids.

STEP 2: Time to blend! Alternate swiping and patting motions so the intense fuchsia color softens by a long mile.

2. Glossy gradient lip


STEP 1: Spread a light veil of BB cream onto your pout so that the ombre effect really pops.

STEP 2: Dot your chosen lip hue on the inner rims of your lips.

STEP 3: Blend outwards, making sure that the color fades towards the edges of your mouth!

3. Subtle eye contour


STEP 1: Choose a light brown shadow—just a tad darker than your skin color—and spread evenly on your eyelids. This is your base!


STEP 2: Take a deeper chocolate hue and pat it onto your crease, carefully building the color up as you go.

STEP 3: With gentle circular motions, use a fingertip to blend both browns, joining the shades together at the crease.

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