3 Contour Kits For Any Makeup Level StyleBible Preview

3 Contour Kits For Any Makeup Level

These contour tools serve equal levels of fleekness.
3 Contour Kits For Any Makeup Level

Are you a makeup newbie looking to hide evidence of your nightly carb binges, or are you a reality show star-obsessed cosmetics hoarder on her way to being the next hot Instagram baddie? Regardless, consider this your ultimate guide to being that contour whisperer you've always wanted to be. Sculpting face isn't reserved only for the skilled—all it takes is to snag the perfect product for your makeup level, and you're well on your way to the pointy cheeks and sexy jaw you've always wanted to, well, fake!

Scroll further as we break down the best contour products for all tiers of face-painting brilliance.


How to know if you're one: You're intrigued by contouring, yet Youtube video previews and face charts on Pinterest only intimidate you. Plus, you don't think you're committed enough to purchase a bajillion products just for a fully contoured face.

We recommend: A contour and highlighting palette. It's basically a sampler kit of all the check you need to tick off for a perfectly defined face: a contour, blush and highlight. Each pan in the kit is aptly labeled according to its function. Pick a kit in powder form—best for beginners, this is the easiest to blend and adjust. With this in tow, you don't need any other palette (for now).

BYS Contour and Highlighting Kit in Daring, P1099 and BYS Contour Trio in Sweet, P449


How to know if you're one: You know the basics of contouring, and can even do a proper one with enough time and proper concentration. You think you're ready to level up your skills to the point where you can do a quick one on the go, while on the road or when you have five minutes to spare.

We recommend: A contour stick set. Probably the most handy of all contouring products, the stick form allows you to directly apply the color onto your face, making it quick and travel-friendly. Use your finger to blend the product in, but if you don't want your face to take a beating, use a damp blending sponge instead.

BYS Contour Stick in Bronze; BYS Contour Stick in Contour and BYS Contour Stick in Highlight, P299 for set of three


How to know if you're one: Contouring is a skill you're comfortable with, so much so that you do it practically everyday. Now, you're out to master contouring at different intensities and purposes—say, casual face tapering by day and high octane, cheeks-so-sharp-it-can-stab-you by evening.

We recommend: A creme contour kit. First off, creme gives off the most natural effect against the skin, but only when it's well-blended—another challenge to your intermediate ability. Creme contour kits also offer different contour shades, with some even including shades light enough for you to use as a concealer, highlighter and color corrector. This kind of kit allows you to experiment on what shade you need for a particular part of your face, as some areas need more sculpting than others.

BYS Creme Contour Kit, P449 and BYS Face Contour Palette, P1199

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