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3 Beauty Serums to Solve Your Skin Care Woes

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3 Beauty Serums to Solve Your Skin Care Woes Add these to your beauty cart!

While a K-Pop star’s beauty regimen isn’t for everyone, you shouldn’t skimp on face serums, a usually forgotten essential. These magic concoctions offer targeted results with their potent formulas to cater to your specific skin needs. So here are our top picks that are sure to solve your skin care woesbe it to defy aging, to keep moisture locked in, or to simply keep your skin glowing.


Shiseido LiftDynamic serum, Rustan’s Department Store

Made to sculpt, tighten, and lift your skin, this is what every woman on-the-go needs. Age with grace with the help of this multi-benefit serum that consists of Shiseido's Bio-corrective and Bio-renewal complex that will slow down the appearacnce of wrinkles and sagging skin caused by stress and those late nights in the offce.


L’Occitane Peony Perfecting Essence Serum, Rustan’s Department Store


This serum acts like a second skin; it gives you a fresh finish thus leaving you with poreless, velvety and even skin. L'Occitane's peony patented extract works on your skin cells, correcting skin irregularities while boosting its natural radiance.


Origins Original Skin Serum, Rustan's Department Store

This serum has a lightweight formula, specifically concocted to restore your natural glow, smooth skin, and wipe away dullness and tiredness from your skin. With the help of natural ingredients like Persian silk tree for rejuvenation, Chestnut seed extract to blur fine lines, Willowherb for that natural glow, and algae to reduce your skin's oil production, you're sure that your skin keeps its vibrant look.

Main images and photos from Shiseido, L'Occitane, and Origins