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15 Things Girls Who Are Good at Doing Their Own Makeup Know

15 Things Girls Who Are Good at Doing Their Own Makeup Know They always start with the proper skincare routine.

Some girls are naturally blessed with fantastic makeup skills on their own. Here are 15 things they definitely know to be true:

1. They always start with the proper skincare routine.

Applying a layer of moisturizer and sunscreen before putting on foundation is one of the best ways to nail your makeup. Plus, it leaves your skin looking fresh, smooth, and healthy.

2. They know—and value—the importance of blending.

Take time to blend out your makeup—from your foundation, concealer, contour, and eye shadow—and you will LOVE the outcome. “Well-blended makeup looks good in any angle or lighting, unlike harsh lines that only look good with Instagram filters and professional lighting,” says makeup artist Nicole Ceballos.

3. They apply foundation before concealer.

Putting on foundation prior to concealer will help lessen the concealing that needs to be done, because the foundation will add a bit of coverage already.

4. Or eye shadow before everything else!


This is a practice a lot of professional makeup artists do. The logic is simple: it makes cleaning up shadow fallout a breeze.

5. They turn to primers when needed.

There are face primers for almost every need out there: color correction, oil control, pore-minimizing, hydrating, mattifying, etc. to prolong the wear of makeup. Not to be forgotten are eye shadow, mascara, and lip primers! Those come super handy, too.

6. They’re smart about layering on powder.

Cream and liquid products go on before powder. While it is recommended to dust on powder all over the face, it’s more important to focus on powdering the areas prone to caking, like the under eye and T-zone.  

7. They use the proper tools to apply makeup, because it really affects the outcome of the look.

Natural-haired brushes for powders; synthetic brushes and sponges for creams and liquid. Plus, they clean their tools at least once a week!

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8. They blot first before touching up.

Before patting on your powder midday, make sure to first zap oil with blotting paper or tissue. That way, you don’t end up dragging around sweat and oil around your face. Gross.

9. They adjust their makeup routine according to the season.


As the season changes, so should your beauty routine. For example, in the summer when you’re a little tanner, your foundation should still match you.   

10. They’ve mastered at least two different makeup looks.

One for everyday and another for special occasions. Remember, practice is key, ladies!

11. But they’re not afraid to shake things up.

Because they’re so comfortable with doing their own makeup, they’re also braver to try out (or do their own interpretation of) makeup trends.

12. They have shortcuts to get ready faster in the morning.

It could be as simple as opting for multitaskers, really! Plus, they know exactly how to ensure their makeup stays in place all day long.

13. They know that waterproof is the way to go.


Especially when it comes to eyeliner and mascara. Runny and smudged makeup is a HUGE no-no.

14. They keep their kikay kits lightweight.

This may come as a surprise to some, but once you’ve mastered doing your makeup, you’re smarter when it comes to packing products. You learn that you don’t need five different lipsticks or a huge bottle of liquid foundation for a trip to the beach.

15. They know that it’s important to exert as much effort in taking off makeup as in putting it on.

Because skincare is and should always be priority!

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