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14 Beauty Trends That Were Big During The World Youth Day

Admit it, the last time the Pope came to town, you were super-duper into these. But where, where are they now?
14 Beauty Trends That Were Big During The World Youth Day Admit it, the last time the Pope came to town, you were super-duper into these. But where, where are they now?

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The recent papal visit has gotten us flashbackin’, throwbackin’, and reminiscing about our greatest beauty favorites from 1995… even if that’s like, so 20 years ago.

 1.       “The Rachel”

For those of you too young to remember (woe  is me), “The Rachel” was a haircut made famous by a young Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green on the beloved sitcom FRIENDS. She was growing out her hair and had asked her hair stylist for a more manageable cut, unknowingly sparking the one hairstyle that is as eponymous to the '90s as Doc Martens and Neve Campbell.


Is it still around today? Hell NO. Just go for the lob

2.       Mini claw clips by the kilo

Butterfly or claw clips are usually the quick solution to a busy woman’s lack of time for much hair prep. This trend turned that practicality on its head, being that its main purpose was embellishment. Because really, why have a simple updo or a messy bun when you can litter it with clips that ask the question: who was the stoned stylist that did those lazy cornrows?

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Is it still around today? YES. Reach for them only if you fancy being stuck in your preschool days. 

3.       Goody Barrettes

It was the time for many a barrette, and for most Manila private school girls, they specifically had to be the Goody brand to be cool. Acceptable wearable options were limited to black, white, tortoise shell, or standard silver and gold. Too much color was considered gauche, as the peg was less Claudia Kishi from The Baby Sitters Club and more Cher from Clueless.


Is it still around today? YES. It's the perfect lazy day hair accessory if you want your pony sleek and low, as seen on the runways.

4.       Body Shop Perfume Oil

1995 was right smack in the middle of the era of great, memorable signature scents (and we’ll get to the rest in just a sec). But one favorite of the era that deserves more recognition is The Body Shop Perfume Oil. This was when Body Shop everything was truly everything, but these perfume oils were a sophisticated touch in a growing girl’s arsenal, with scents that appealed to youngins alike—dewberry, raspberry, and fuzzy peach.


Is it still around today? YES. Even the popular White Musk has its oil version. 

5.       Bath and Body Works Scents

The Body Shop oils were a thing, for sure, but not the easiest to carry around or most comfortable to spritz on after a tough P.E. class. Thus entered Bath and Body Works, which presented its sickly sweet body splash concoctions that have managed to survive well into the ‘aughties, most notably at the time in Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, and Sun-Ripened Raspberry.


Is it still around today? YES! The fresh-picked fragances are here to stay, for better or for worse.

6.       Gap Fragrances

The prevalent grunge theme spurred a general distaste for more standard, wholesome, uniform dressing (aka The Gap). However, we all know that every girl’s guilty pleasure and most frequently-requested pasalubong from traveling relatives was a bottle of Heaven or Dream. After all, it’s not like you had actually fallen into the Gap; you just smelled like it.


Is it still around today? YES. We spied the whole lot on our last henley run.

7.       CK One

As discrimination is never cool, Calvin Klein put out a fragrance that catered to men and women, and was it ever successful, because believe me, 1995 smelled exactly like CK One.

Is it still around today? YES. We bet your brother still uses it. 


8.       Hard Candy nail polish

Because really, what youngin’ in their right mind wouldn’t want a rainbow of nail varnish options that come with a complementary plastic ring? That’s right, no one.

Is it still around today? YES. It was brought back to life by Walmart in 2009.

9.       Bonne Bell Lip Smackers


If you were a Manila girl, you made your way to Regina’s in Greenhills (also known as the “Ang Sikip Naman Sa Embassy” body-bumping experience) for these babies, which often led to massive hoarding. After all, with Coke-flavored and tinted chocolate-flavored ones, any girl would find it impossible to choose just one.

Is it still around today? NO. Bonne Bell, parent brand of Lip Smackers, just shut down its operations. We're hoping for a buyout by another company.

10.   Matte brown lipstick


Speaking of a lip, here’s one that didn’t require much touching up. These times were host to the positively matte and absolutely defined lip with brown undertones. Shade names including the words “raisin,” “brick,” “mocha,” “cappuccino,” “coco,” “wood,” and any hint at mahogany’s dear cousin were the big, box office sell-outs.

Is it still around today? YES. Here's how to wear it

11.   Clinique Black Honey


A lighter, more understated, but very chic lip was Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It was a tinted, slightly glossy, just-bitten berry with a non-committal air of just a little something on the lip.

Is it still around today? YES.  And it now has a complementary eye palette, lip gloss and nail varnish.

12.   Urban Decay anything


Before the more recent repackaging of the still-popular brand, Urban Decay took its moniker seriously in presenting its products. Glitter was not glam, but beautifully grungy and slightly grubby, sitting in unconventionally shaped vials of nail polish. Eyeshadows were in metal tins that got extremely messy, but were too cool not to have.

Is it still around today? YES. And it is still the preferred palette of makeup artists—with its new and improved look, of course. 

13.   Caboodles


Because before there was Muji and those clear acrylic organizers, the 80's left us with a bit of fondness for bright, glittery confections. And while we chose to wear them less on our person during this era, our makeup and hair stash was not exactly safe. Caboodles kept everything—from your crafting and cross stitching materials or scented Crayola markers to your Raisin lippies, Black Honey, and all-important beauty tools.

Is it still around today? YES. We're pretty sure we've seen them somewhere along the children's toys area. 

14.   Skinny brows


Speaking of tools, tweezers were the Crossfitters of a girl’s makeup toolkit at this time. The standard was clean, fine, and very narrow drawn-in brows, so the little pluckers rarely got a break. This trend is still the cause of many a painful #tbt, and present overcompensation with that eyebrow pencil. It was the hard way to learn that really, only Marlene Dietrich is Marlene Dietrich. The rest of us need brows, ladies. #neverforget.

Is it still around today? NO. Even mom got over it already. We love you, mah.

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