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13 Products Worth Buying From Japanese Tax-Free Stores

They’re scattered all over Japan.
13 Products Worth Buying From Japanese Tax-Free Stores They’re scattered all over Japan.

If you have ever been to Japan, then you know it’s impossible not to notice all those tax-free shops sprawled over the country, especially in Tokyo. The Japanese basically have something for every dilemma (just check out their restrooms!), and these shops are kinda like the CD-R King of beauty—they have it all. The best part? These quirky beauty products are all sold at tourist-friendly price points! Yaass.

There’s just one minor sitch: these havens are usually so massive, it can get overwhelming—especially since everything is in Japanese. Thank goodness the products are packaged in the cutest way possible. Because at least you can bookmark this list and just show the photos to the sales person who will gladly assist you with a smile and a couple of arigatou gozaimasus.  

Below are a list of the things we hoard every time we visit Sushi Land.

Facial Wash

I’ve been using the Soda Powder wash for over a year now so I can swear by its cleansing powers. After a long day out, especially when there’s makeup and pollution involved, this is what I use to really strip off the dirt from my face (even my brother is obsessed with it). The Rosette Cleansing Paste, on the other hand, does wonders for moisturizing your face as it cleans.


Hoard these masks—all of it!

LuLuLun face masks

A well-known Japanese face mask brand, Lululun, offers a variety of masks to choose from. They have it all from moisturizing (pink), super moisturizing for dry skin (violet), brightening (white) and anti-aging (gold). Pull boxes like the one here last for a month. It consists of 32 sheets as you’re meant to use one daily.

Panda or Geisha Masks

You know how there’s a panda filter on Snapchat? That’s exactly how the panda and geisha masks work. They’re sold individually, are super cute, and great for slumber parties.


Peach foot mask

It’s like a sock that you simply put on your feet for a few minutes. Your feet will then peel like hell for a couple of days, but worry not because the result is baby smooth and soft skin!

Pore Clear Bubble Pack

To be honest, the only reason I bought this product is because of the cute baby in the packaging, but I tried it and it has a fizzy bubbly effect that really cleaned my pores. I looked so shiny and clean after!

Cow Beauty Soap


It’s supposedly one of the top soaps in the country. It’s milky and moisturizing, something we need in this skin-drying weather.

Milky Whip Body Cream

It says on the package that the product is meant for pregnant and busy moms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it, too. I like how it's a whipped lotion, so it has a foamy texture with a super light and non-greasy finish.

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen

I first came across this product because of a makeup artist here in the Philippines who hoards it everytime she’s in Japan. I fell in love with it from the first use because it’s so light! It has that barely-there effect that’s perfect when worn on its own, but also great with makeup.  


Pack Gel Moisturizer

Call it the magic moisturizer. Because the gel-like consistency immediately makes your skin feel so smooth, it’s as if you’re wearing an invisible face mask.

Magic Water

Clearly, we cannot read the label of this product. But it can be compared to a toner. It moisturizes the skin…like magic.

Hydro Gel Eye Patch


Do you have tired and sleepless eyes? Then you need to try these gel eye patches. There are a ton of brands to choose from, but the choice all boils down to either gold or black. The gold patch focuses on moisturizing...

While Black Pearl relaxes tired peepers.   

Bonus: Anti-static spray

You can call it the fashion girl’s best friend. You know how some fabrics, office chairs, or car seats cling to your legs? The spray works wonders in preventing this!

Japanese-smooth skin, here we come! 

Photos by Gab Gutierrez