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11 Fun Workouts To Include In Your 2015 Bucket List

Because simply hitting the gym is so 2014.
11 Fun Workouts To Include In Your 2015 Bucket List Because simply hitting the gym is so 2014.

Everyone knows that we only truly feel the result of our December sins in January. Today is our first day back to the daily grind and instead of complaining about how you didn’t even feel the break (it was actually pretty lengthy), we suggest you start focusing on paying for those sins. The only way to get ab-solution is by pushing the restart button and committing to your resolutions. A few days ago, we asked the fashion girls about how they stay in shape and An Estrada’s answer got jammed in our heads. “Don’t stick to the same workout” is on repeat and it’s because she couldn’t be any more correct. Sometimes the reason we need to drag ourselves to the gym is because it has come to the point where it has evolved into a boring routine.

 Not to worry! Below we teach you how to ditch monotonous gym routines that are so 2014.


Exercise with the Boyfie

If your relationship has gone past the level where sweating in front of each other is no longer embarrassing, then do activities other than watching movies or dining out! Not only will you motivate each other, at the end of the day you’ll also look and feel good together. Video from @annecurtissmithon Instagram 

Walk your Dogs

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Ladies, walking blasts fats. When you have time, go ahead and take your furry friends out for a walk or even a jog. If you don’t have a pet, a walk in the park for some fresh air doesn’t hurt either. Photo from @yassipressman on Instagram

Hot Yoga


Double the burning power of relaxing yoga by trying out the hot variety. Leave all your problems out the door and sweat out until you feel  like you've squeezed out all there is to extract. Photo from @bianca_king on Instagram


Trade in the weights or the treadmill for boxing gloves and a punching bag. Models swear by it so a knockout figure and skills are guaranteed. Photo from @adrianalima on Instagram


Work Out with Friends

If you’re the type who likes sticking to a routine then at least try bringing in a friend with you. A surefire way to make an excruciating workout sesh tolerable is by inviting those crazies to experience pain (and the wonderful results as well, of course) with you. Video from @solennheussaff on Instagram

Go Biking


Relive those childhood years by riding a bike. Ladies, even leisurely biking gets your leg muscles to work! Say hello to the thigh gap you can gain by inserting an hour of biking to your weekly sched. Photo from @chinitaprincess on Instagram


No, we don’t mean dancing in parties (although that’s not a bad idea either), we want you to actually dance. Enroll in a class and bust a move, will you?  Video from @iammajasalvador on Instagram

Do Ballet


Why not? We are not kidding! No one can tell you that you’re too old to do something you’ve always wanted to try. Yes, it won’t be easy, but if you want to put a check on your bucket list then stop second guessing yourself and just go for it. Just leave tiptoe-ing in undies to the Victoria's Secret angels. Photo from @angelcandices on Instagram

Go Surfing


We have so many nice beaches here and surfing is becoming so popular we are urging you to go try it! All those paddling, pushing to get up, and balancing make surfing a full body workout, mind you. Photo from @tracianne on Instagram

Try Snowboarding

Hey! Before you react, allow us to explain. We know we don’t have snow here, But what we are trying to say here is that travel is directly proportional to eating. So if you get the chance to burn a few of those calories away, then grab it! Don’t be afraid to hit the slopes when the opportunity arises. Video from @solennheussaff on Instagram

Take a Selfie


Yup, you heard us! A workout selfie is a proud moment we condone (just don’t overdo it, please). It’s a great way to see the results of your hard work and it could also inspire others to get fit. Take photos in random places and in the most awkward or amazing poses you can hold, whatever you do, just have fun.  Photo from @iza_goulart on Instagram

Here’s to a healthy and amazing twentyfifTHIN!


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