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10 Ways You Can Be Sexy Without Showing Too Much Skin

Yes, it's possible!
10 Ways You Can Be Sexy Without Showing Too Much Skin
Yes, it's possible!

It's a common misconception that sexy means baring one's body. Truth be told, it's more about having the right attitude, confidence, and maybe a few style tweaks. Below are 10 ways you can be at your sexiest without having to show too much skin:

1. Go for va-va voom hair

There's a reason why the term 'sexy bedhead' exists. Tousled hair with a volumized crown gives off a sultry vibe without the need to wear skin-baring clothing.




2. Wear sexy lingerie underneath

Whether you're in a cozy t-shirt or a crisp button-down, wearing sexy underwear will make you feel like a vixen hiding in sheep's clothing.

3. Spritz on a seductive scent

According to perfume experts, fragrances infused with vanilla, jasmine, and musk can instantly make someone more attractive.


IMAGE Anna Sui


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4. Put on heels

Besides making your legs appear longer and leaner, the right pair can make you feel like you can do anything. (Make sure they're not painful to wear, though. Or else your discomfort will show on your face and stride.)

5. Understand that less is more

When flaunting your assets, it's better not to show them off all at once. Keep a bit of mystery! Balance is always the key.

6. Have a decent sense of humor

It will easy for other people to talk to you if you can take jokes well and even throw witty remarks of your own. What could be sexier than a great conversation, right?

7. Maintain eye contact

A steady gaze with the person you're conversing with is a sign that you are listening intently.

8. Learn new skills

Take short courses, or go all out and get a master's degree. Enriching your mind exposes you to new possibilities (and new people) and makes you more confident, so never stop learning.


9. Know when to step up

Gone are the days when the damsel in distress was the lead character. Communicate effectively if you believe that something needs to be "fixed," but be mindful of your tone, words, and actions to remain respectful of the other party. Being a strong-willed woman is sexy.

10. Be okay with going solo

Having a steady and reliable girl squad sure is fun and being with a beau that loves you is amazing, but it's totally awesome to go solo, too! Eat at your fave resto, or be bold and go on a trip on your own. It shows that you know how to have fun and how to be truly happy even when you're all by yourself. 

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