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10 Things You Need to Give Up for Great Skin

Are you guilty of these?
10 Things You Need to Give Up for Great Skin
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Are you guilty of these?

Everyone wants great skin. While having an effective skin care regimen is a must to achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin, your lifestyle and daily habits are just as important—maybe even more so. To make sure that you're on the right track to achieving great skin, we asked dermatologist Dr. Rhoda B Espino to list down the common habits that girls do that may contribute to bad, unhealthy skin. That way, you can avoid it and be on your way to having great skin.

1. Too oily and fried food

Whether it's food from the cafeteria or your usual late night takeout, we're usually guilty of eating too much oily and fried food. While these food may taste good, they have nasty effects not just on your skin, but on your whole body in general, too! It's best to skip the lot when you can to minimize breakouts and improve your health at the same time.


2. Staying under the sun too much

Spending some time under the sun during a beach trip may be fun, but facts reveal that too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles and other complicated skin care issues, too! So whether you're commuting to school or work today or just going out with friends, make sure to always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

3. Pulling too much all-nighters


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You might have scoffed at your mom or your lola when they remind you to take your beauty sleep seriously, but they weren't kidding when they said that beauty sleeps are a must for great skin. Our bodies need to reenergize, making your skin naturally glow right after. So no sleep doesn't just mean dark under eye circles; it means dry and dull skin, too!

4. Smoking

Nicotine that can be found in cigarettes is not just bad for the lungs, but is also notorious in causing skin dehydration and premature wrinkles. Yikes!

5. Drugs

It's no secret that drugs are dangerous for your overall well-being, including your skin! It makes the skin dehydrated and causes collagen to break down by tenfold. That's why people who take drugs have extra thin skin, which makes them more prone to different skin issues.

6. Alcohol overload



While it's perfectly fine to have a sip or two from time to time, alcohol causes skin dehydration and can make your skin look dull in a snap! Plus, too much alcohol can also cause acne. Eek!

7. Not drinking enough water

We get that it's easy to forget to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, especially when you've got a ton of work keeping you busy. But enough water intake hydrates your skin, making it glow naturally. Not drinking enough water doesn't just cause dull, dry skin, it can lead to premature wrinkling and aging, too!

8. Too much dairy

There's no doubt that cheese, milk, and ice cream taste good, but too much intake of dairy products may cause acne breakouts. Remember, just like in all things, balance is key.

9. Stress



Stress is inevitable, but too much of it is bad. It can open your pores and cause your oil glands to enter hyper mode, which is why it's important to keep tabs on your stress levels by sneaking in a little bit of meditation or yoga in between your hectic sched to cleanse your mind and body.

10. Skipping the veggies

A healthy diet means a healthy body. And healthy skin, too! Add more greens to your diet and give your body the proper nutrients that it needs in order to achieve great skin from inside and out.

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