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10 Things Beauty Junkies Are Already Tired of Hearing

Tell us something we don't know.
10 Things Beauty Junkies Are Already Tired of Hearing
Tell us something we don't know.

The main struggle of the beauty-obsessed isn't makeup application or finding the right shade of foundation. It's dealing with all the clichés that people on the other side of the spectrum tell us. Most of the things they say may be due to genuine concern, but sometimes, receiving the same comments over and over becomes tiring (and even annoying). Here are 10 things that we're specifically tired of hearing:

1. "Don't you have a lipstick like that already?"

I know, but I want another one. Shh.

2. "How many eyeshadow palettes do you even need?"

My goal is to make Pantone nervous. So maybe 500?

4. "You take so long to get ready!"

Art takes time, my friend. And if you didn't already notice, I am art.

5. "You put ALL of this on your face?"

Yes, and I have more where that came from.

6. "I only put on lip balm. I can't imagine going through all those steps."


7. "But makeup is bad for your skin!"

Your negativity is bad for my life, too. (And no, it isn't if you know what you're doing.)

8. "Calm down, it's just makeup."

And money is just a piece of paper?

9. "You don't need to wear that much makeup you know!"

What may be meant as a compliment can actually come across as an insult. Think about it.

10. "I like your eyebrows!"

Okay, we take it back. We'll honestly never get tired of hearing this one. 

Beauty lover or not, we'd appreciate it if everyone gives these clichés (except #10) a rest. Our cat-eyes are tired of rolling.

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