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10 Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Looking Fresh Under the Sun

Feel the breeze instantly.
10 Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Looking Fresh Under the Sun Feel the breeze instantly.

For a girl like me with a long mane, I always thought that the easiest way to combat the summer heat was through a bun. While it may work in most cases, it’s definitely not perfect. Just yesterday, I top knotted my hair the entire day just to be able to feel a breeze around my nape. As I was rushing to my evening class, I let my hair down to give my scalp some breathing time. After the one and a half hour session, my friends approached me with a distraught look on their faces. The elephant in the room was my big hair. And while that may be a metaphor, I can guarantee you that it almost seemed literal—I was sporting some major volume. 

They went on to tell the story of how shocked they were upon seeing my new look. One of them thought it was my own personal style (to save face, I’m telling you that it’s not) while the others assumed I simply stopped caring. We all know that a popular caption for hair posts is _____ blank hair, don’t care. I now realize that maybe I should, and that it’s a must for you, too.

We’ve scoured through the Instagram accounts of our favorite celebrities and took note of what hairstyles will keep you stylish, fresh, and relaxed in this hot weather. As a bonus, all of these looks are easy to cop. Keep your blow dryers back in their drawers because they won’t be necessary.





Wearing a silk scarf as a choker is becoming increasingly popular and our crowning glory seems to have followed suit. Whether your hair is long, short, or in between, this bohemian flourish is bound to work on you. You can either lay down your locks and use it as a turban, or sport a pony and tie the scarf into a bow.

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2. LOB



It was just a month ago that Jennifer Lawrence brought back the lob. And now that it’s the season of summer, we’re welcoming it with an appropriate twist. Don your above-the-shoulder tresses with a few curls to achieve cool girl beach waves. Our best pegs? The sisters behind Kardashian Beauty, of course!

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3. BOB


Change is always good. For those of you looking for a way to create a new statement, chopping your lovely locks off is the perfect solution. Don’t be afraid to have a few inches cut because the benefits you will reap go a long way. Not only will you be able to save time washing and styling your hair, but you will also be able to grow out fresh tresses, and get rid of split ends and dry strands.



When the ‘90s trend made its comeback, fashion girls began to don low-ponytails parted in the middle with a few loose strands hanging in front. But in this heat, that ‘do just won’t do. We’ve come up with a sleek solution to this dilemma—a high pony tail. It only takes a few seconds to pull this off, and for those with pesky baby hair or awkward bangs, tuck them away with a little hairspray. 

5. CAP


If you’re not looking to change your current hairstyle, then we fully support you all the way. Just as long as you sport a cap to keep you cool and protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays. This accessory doesn’t just keep you feeling fresh, but also makes you look fresh with a sporty edge.





A top knot is a convenient summer staple. It’s easy to do and keeps your frizzy hair tame with the humid conditions. The braid, on the other hand, is a stylish summer staple. It’s chic and gives your look more personality. Thankfully, a beauty girl doesn’t need to choose because she can have both. Get chunks of your hair at the opposite sides, braid the sections, then pull them in as you bun your hair for dreamy, Grecian-goddess locks. 



If your hair isn’t long enough to put into a high ponytail or a bun, then fret not because you can still opt to tie it lower. Pushing it to one side and hanging it down from the front keeps unwanted sweat from dripping down your neck. Plus, if you partner it with a deep side part, gives your look an edge. 




One of the greatest difficulties of going for a summer swim is rising from the water and noticing how tangled your tresses are. The best way to fight this is by sporting a simple plait to keep your locks put. This easy style is both waterproof and foolproof.



If you’re looking to add a little more oomph to your usual straight and flat hair, we reckon a feathered ‘do can best achieve that. Book a salon appointment and have your tresses texturized by layering the back longer than the front and sporting bangs to complete the look. Once you’ve got it, you’ll realize it’s the hairstyle that doesn’t even need to be styled.



This effortlessly chic ‘do works for both the sea and the city. Tie your hair into a low bun and pull it a few centimeters away from you to loosen its grip, but still maintain its shape. Then grab a few strands at the front and let loose tendrils frame your face to give your look that feminine air. 

Main photo from @mari_jasmn, all images from Instagram

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